Learn German 5,000 Phrases M-learning App Launched by Fun Easy Learn


USA - Learn German 5,000 Phrases, a German language learning app that promises to make learning the Deutschland language as simple as possible, was recently launched by Fun Easy Learn, the development company that claimed to fame by developing and launching Learn German 6,000 Words, another grossly successful language learning app for non-German people. The developers confirmed that the new app has hit the Play Store and Apple iTunes store, though they added that the app is going to be updated in the following months.

On behalf of Fun Easy Learn, a press statement was issued recently to inform all the users, developers and stakeholders involved that Learn German 5,000 Phrases has now only thirty different language options. The developers elucidated that at present, users only have the option to translate the German words into 30 languages. It was subsequently added that they will add thirty five more language options to increase the app’s market outreach.

“Also, it’s important to take a note that the app now contains only 500 German words in its database. However, we are not stopping here and we wish to inform our users that we will keep adding thousand new German words every month in the app’s database. Therefore, if someone wishes to learn more German words or he is a faster learner than the rest, he can check for online updates or keep the auto update feature enabled on his mobile phone to learn even more German words”, said the chief developer of Fun Easy Learn. He also mentioned that updating Learn German 5,000 Phrases through Play Store is completely free.

Learn German 5,000 Phrases was a dream project for us and it still is. We wanted to develop a German language learning app that would be useful for both basic and advanced users. After months and years of research and repeated discussion sessions with eminent linguists, we have finally been able to launch the app. It’s true that the app is not yet comprehensive in nature, in the true sense of the term. But we will keep adding features, phrases and language options”, said the CEO of Fun Easy Learn.

About the Company

Learn German 5,000 Phrases is a feature-rich German language learning app.

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