FightstoreMMA evolves! is born! was founded in 2009 as a local store in Newcastle Upon Tyne, a city in the North-east of England. Over the years, the company has expanded and grown to become an online store for both retail customers and trade. 

The 7th of February 2014 sees become This evolution will take the store out of its current status as an MMA and Muay Thai equipment retailer and place them at the top of the chain as a professional store for MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling and more. 

The new website will host our exceptional quality brands as well as an attached industry blog that will inform readers on the best practice for using our equipment as well as information from the brands themselves on how the goods are made and interesting stories from sponsored fighters. 

No where else in the UK offers the professional standard equipment we supply. From Twins, Sandee, Boon and Fairtex Muay Thai gear to Revgear, Hayabusa and Venum MMA supplies to Koral and Gameness BJJ or Cleto Reyes and Rival Boxing, we are simply uncontested. A range of Musclepharm and Smartec nutritional products support our customers and sponsored athletes with professional quality supplements. The move to FightstorePRO solidifies our position but also adds new brands such as UFC fighter Urijah Faber's Torque and popular underwear brand Smuggling Duds.

We're also the principle supplier of Heavy Bags and gym equipment in the UK with offerings from 6ft heavy bags all the way to teardrop style speed bags. 

The 'PRO' tag will reflect our commitment to quality and professionalism and we guarantee that 2014 and our new website will make your MMA/Muay Thai/Boxing/BJJ/Judo/Wrestling and more a seamless and smooth experience. You'll be able to browse our gorgeous new designs as well as read information about brands like never before. launches the 7th of February. If you're involved in combat sports, you want to be involved in this!