Multi-Function Cell Phone Jammers with Great Features

BEIJING, CHINA - Jammer Sales offers some of the best cell phone jammers available today. For instance the portable full function cell phone GPS jammer blockers are extremely efficient jammers. This is one of the best anti-spy gadgets for those who do not want to be found through the GPS tracker. These devices come with built-in rechargeable Li-ion batteries, car power adapters, rechargers and many more features. These jammers are incredibly easy to use and the moment it is switched on the GPS Tracking Device signals are blocked instantly. This is the best device to protect both privacy and confidentiality of information. This GPS mobile phone jammer is light in weight, easy to carry, small but extremely powerful.

The Wi-Fi Jammers act as the best anti-mobile phone security and anti-surveillance systems. Some jammers come with frequency settings that will help protect from long distance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. These jammers can also suppress any cellular activity in the 4g mobile phone jammer hall or meeting room. These devices are most helpful in classrooms, meetings, conferences, examination halls, lectures, important seminars and many more. Users may maintain secrecy and avoid any kind of disturbances that are most common from cell phones. Certain jammers such as the multi-function high power portable cell phone wifi Bluetooth jammer comes with 3 separate channels which can be used to block different frequency bands including GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, Bluetooth and WiFi.

The multifunction high power portable cell phone jammers are multiband jammers that come with PC adjustable frequencies. The frequency settings can be made from PC with the help of user friendly software. These devices come with universal charging options with USB best mobile phone jammer or directly from the charger. They have a highly compact look and can be easily carried. These jammers can be tuned to different frequencies with the 3 channels present in the device. The site offers many cell phone signal jammers that are best known for their powerful features, portability and above all efficiency.

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Jammer Sales, based at Beijing, China offers phone jammers for sale. The site offers cell phone jammers at wholesale prices. WiFi Jammers, GPS Jammers, Cell Phone Jammers, Bug Audio Jammers, Multi-Function Jammers, Bug Detectors, Cell Phone Boosters, Wireless Video Jammers, Jammer Accessories and many more are available here.

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