An expert from Aureus Medical Group discusses the ins and outs of travel nursing housing

Omaha, NE (June 29, 2015) - Becoming a travel nurse means that you have the opportunity to travel the country, gain professional expertise, and build your resume. This exciting career option means you will also require housing while you are on assignment.

We recently spoke with Lori Wolf, the housing director of AurHomes, a sister company to healthcare staffing agency Aureus Medical Group and the agency's exclusive housing partner, to get a better idea of what travelers should know and expect when heading out on travel nursing assignments. AurHomes has connected travel nurses with housing accommodations for 15 years, according to Wolf. Much of her staff has been working for the company for more than 10 years, so Wolf and the AurHomes team are very in-tune with travel nursing housing across many parts of the country.

Housing information 101
When traveling with Aureus Medical, your rental costs will be covered by the staffing agency, which is a key benefit. Making your housing process as streamlined as possible is also important. After all, as a travel nurse, you have enough on your plate when it comes to your assignments and patients. Fortunately, through AurHomes, travel nurses have one point of contact before and during their assignments regarding housing: their account manager with Aureus Medical.

"The account manager [with Aureus Medical] … is their liaison who works with the AurHomes team to set up their arrangements," Wolf said. "So, [the travelers] only have one single point of contact."

Once travel nurses have their housing set up with the account manager, they can discuss the details of their travel package. Nurses can expect many of the amenities they enjoy in their own homes when out on assignments.

"It's going to be completely furnished." Wolf explained when asked about housing details. "Then it is also going to include utilities … electric, gas, water, sewer, [and] trash … that is pretty standard with everything. Some of them will include housewares depending on the package in the area you're going to."

What about renter's insurance?
Wolf pointed out that the refurbishments in the apartment will already be insured through AurHomes, but travel nurses will need to invest in a renter's insurance contract for their own personal property that they bring with them. While travel nurses can expect furniture and utilities during their assignments and the apartment itself will be insured, nurses will need to take steps on their own to protect personal property in the case of an emergency.

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