REALISM + POP a new art brand by visual artist James Jarvis

Visual artist James Jarvis introduces his new brand of artistic creations that are characterized by the style of REALISM + POP.  Discover artworks of unique play, boldness of colour, and power of technique.

- VISION: inspired by the attractiveness of spacial form, lines and gaps.

- TECHNIQUE: photorealism and pop art style.

James Jarvis offers a repositioning of the traditional by exploring current cultural themes in his projects, challenging compositional norms through attractive lines that is based on the architectural, and utilising a colour pallete that is fresh and modern.

REALISM + POP stands for Jarvis's signature brand of art taht focuses on his passion fro the representational, new compositions, while adding a new stroke of boldness that offers vibrancy of colour.

James Jarvis was born in London 1988. After nurturing a talent since childhood he strudied art and design at Chelsea College of Arts in London before pursuing other interestes. In 2012 he set up his creative studio, focusing on a unique multi-canvas compositions to translate his photorealistic technique. James has also lived as an expat in both Miami and Shanghai to gain further life experiences.

He is currently focused on the pioneering 'American Aesthetic' series: a project which observes and critiques the culture of America's cities through oil paintings that evoke realistic representation and pop colour.

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