How Chinese Ancient People Measure The Time?

As the clock manufacturers and clock suppliers, we are happy to share the knowledge of the clock, especially the clock history in China, with you. Actually, what we are interesting is how the forerunner measure the time in the ancient before watch and clock. In the ancient china, our ancestor has many instruments to measure the time,like Sundial, water clock, the fire bell and Clepsydra.

A. Sundial, as the picture below,is one of the measurement of time. It is generally a round disk made of stone marked with the hours like a clock. It has an upright stick that casts a shadow on the stone disk ┬ĘC this is how time is measured with the sundial.

B. Water clock, another measurement to measure the time. It measures the time by averaged drop of water to a bowl. The buoy gradually rises with the increasing of water content, which show the passage of time. The below is one of ancient water clock in Qing Dynasty.

C. The fire bell, one more measurement to get the time in the ancient. It is use the principle of drop of water to measure the time.

D. Clepsydra, famous measurement in the ancient to measure the time. Without the sun, Clepsydra can work well and tell people the time passage.

In 1090, the Northern Song Dynasty Prime Minister Su Song presided over the construction of a water clock, can chime bell. Its structure is similar to the one of the modern watches and clocks and It only lost a second per day. This is called as the originator of modern watches and all anolog wall clock and anolog alarm clock

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