Axis Human Capital Group Recruitment Advisory Jakarta: Our Name, Logo and Tagline

Why "AXIS"?

·         Connotation of something that is pivotal/central/fundamental, around which everything else revolves. We focus on the centrality of people (human capital) in organizations - a pivot around which everything in an organization revolves.

·         The axis, around which the earth is tilted, also connotes symmetry/balance. We focus on finding the right balance in how organizations are run efficiently and effectively - the right combination of human capital and all the necessary resources to make a lasting and positive impact.

"Human Capital"

·         While "resources" are depleted with time, "capital" is already a form of wealth that grows with good management and is used to produce more wealth for the organization.

·         Human "capital" is what drives organizations and economies, and while organizations commonly value money (cash), and forget about people, who are the ones who drive the business, we make people the centre of our attention

·         Human capital is developed, enhanced or grown over time through education, job training, career planning, work and lifetime experiences etc...

Our Logo

·         The globe with an axis - our vision is not bound by borders. The world is our turf.

·         The Adinkra symbol is Nkyinkyim (pronounced 'n.chin.chim'), a symbol ofinitiative, adaptability, dynamism and versatility - what we epitomize and inspire you to be.

Our Company Color

Our passion for what we do is reflected in our color - dark red, for us symbolizes passion, creativity, excitement, vitality and energy. The darker shade reflects maturity and caution that go with passion, and at Axis, we charge ahead into new territory, daring to be innovative and creative, and yet doing so with caution.

Our Tagline  ...we invest in human capital...

·         We believe in investing in people - this means committing our resources to ensure that we enhance our clients' capacity to perform well and achieve their goals.