Marlin Consulting Solutions Welcomes Lance Hoskins to the Team

Palm Coast, Florida, June 1, 2014: Marlin Consulting Solutions is pleased to welcome Lance Hoskins to their team of professionals. Mr. Hoskins will work as Project Manager and Business Development Manager, providing the team with his expertise to better serve their customers.

Businesses that don’t use the Internet to advertise their services or reach their customers are at a disadvantage. More people are turning to this avenue to find the products and services they need. Marlin Consulting Solutions is proud to provide their customers with all the services they need to establish and maintain their online presence. They offer a wide variety of services, including search engine optimization, website development, pay-per-click advertising, analytics and more.

Mr. Hoskins will join the team to help manage projects, making sure every client receives the attention to detail they need to succeed online. In addition to his help with managing the company’s projects, Mr. Hoskins will help develop the business in ways that will help them reach more clients who need their help. His goal is to make the company as strong as possible so they can continue to grow and serve their customers moving forward.

Anyone who would like to learn about Mr. Hoskins and the services he will perform can find out more by visiting the Marlin Consulting Solutions website or by calling 1-800-957-1176.

About Marlin Consulting Solutions: Marlin Consulting Solutions is a website development company that provides their customers with all the services they need to reach their potential audience. They take great pride in helping their customers achieve their goals online. The expert team at Marlin Consulting Solutions understands the importance of an online presence and strives to give their clients the exact services they need.

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