Vencci Group Announces Universal Smart Phone Charger

Eliminates missed calls due to low cell phone battery power issues


Many of the great inventions or innovations that theworld knows respond  to the need of humans to protect themselves, grow and makes his life morecomfortable and easier. Of these inventions, we can just mention two The interchangeable power strip and  the light bulb invented by Thomas Edison. Without mentioning others inventions or innovations , these two have a vital importance in our daily life ...

  Today, with the recent growth of various electronic devices, gadgets, it happens every day that there is no more space in the power strip to charge our phone. Today we use multiple phones, and we also have several other devices we have to charge at home, in the office, university wherever we can find an electrical outlet. But what if there are no outlets available for charging our smartphone then we have to make and receive calls, check our calendar, play, send messages, etc.?

  Knowing the value, the importance of communication in this world where we live. A very young group called VencciGroup thinks that we need to find a way to avoid that we keep losing calls just because there was no electrical outlet available to charge our phone. This group had the idea to design a universal charger model (ZiraB), with a simple detail. This simple detail is to incorporate into the charger an electrical outlet where you can connect any other device. Wich means, the output that you use to charge your phone with ZiraB is always available. If the electrical outlet, power strip is busy, you just have to ask permission to connect your universal charger (ZiraB) and connect the device you have disconnected in the outlet incorporate in ZiraB. With ZiraB, you will never miss a call because of low battery if you can find an outlet available or not.

  With the objective of adding new elements to this universal charger, Vencci Group plans to launch soon a very large quantity of this first version of ZiraB on the world market. Inviting companies, cell phone companies regardless of the brand to  Pre-Order. By completing the form on the site or write to:

before validating any Pre-Order, The staff of VencciGroup is committed to meet in person or to have a meeting via Skype with the client. But of course , if the client accepts.

In this highly competitive market, a single detail can change the data.

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