Essential WordPress Plugins for a Features Rich Website


WordPress has become a popular interface to create customized and features rich websites. WordPress Website Designing has come a long way in creating user-friendly web pages with diverse plug-ins and other functions.  If you are a start-up firm and want to create a new website for promoting your business online, a WordPress website is the best viable option for you.

WordPress serves as an easy and effective content management system where users can login with a specific username and a password to manage content with ease. One need not necessarily be a web master or a coding expert. With the easy plugins and WordPress Website Design, created by professionals in Vancouver, one can create an effective and user friendly WordPress website.

There are many plug-ins that can benefit a WordPress website immensely. However, some major essentials are WordPress Google Analytics, W3 Total Cache, Contact Form 7 and Flamingo. Let us discuss briefly about the usage of these plug-ins.

WordPress Google Analytics

WordPress Google Analytics is an essential and most useful WordPress plug-in. It monitors the traffic, examines the click through rate and analyzes the visitors of the web pages and helps in improving the performance of a Website.

W3 Total Cache

This is an important plug-in to increase the speed of your site. When a huge traffic comes to your site, it is important that it does not crash and loads faster. With W3 Total cache plugin, it enhances page cache, browser cache, database cache and CDN integration abilities.

W3 Total Cache WordPress Plug-in improves user experience of visitors and enhances web page speed. It reduces the load time and bounce rate of a website and increases the server performance.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 allows creating contact forms to receive queries from the visitors and helps in establishing your relationship with the customers. In addition, it filters the spam messages and gives your site the much needed contact creation.


Flamingo plug-in is another important essential plug-in for a website. It saves the messages into a database and helps in recording and retrieving messages submitted through contact form.

Along with the various useful Plugins, there are many advantages of a WordPress website design. It is versatile, time saving, quick, cost effective, and helps in easy content management. WordPress website designing helps you to manage your website with easy editing and also in promoting your site.

It is evident from a number of instances that Google favors these websites with new and updated content. Considering various advantages and useful Plug-ins, it is important that you hire professionals to create a WordPress website for you