Survival Combat Fitness Videos preparing Individuals - Physically & Mentally for Dangerous Survival Situations

Summary: All new Survival Combat Fitness movies to help people  become physically and mentally sturdy to face true survival things. Yuri Boiarsky and John  Spencer Ellis share the foremost effective techniques for handling tough  things and other people.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – From the L.A. riots of the ‘90s to Pakistan these days, from huge floods to large scale shootings, the globe is a dangerous place. Thankfully Survival Combat Fitness, is here to help  you learn how to protect  yourself from dangerous folks, extreme weather and violent things is simpler than ever.

This Latest on-line video series from Yuri Boiarsky, trained Israeli soldiers, SWAT, U.S. Special Forces & Embassy Security Personnel, and John  Spencer Ellis, founding father of the Mixed Martial Arts learning Association and a second degree black belt in Kung-fu, guarantees that “you can ne'er be a victim once more.”

 “If you wish to be physically and mentally sturdy by grapping  the foremost effective techniques out there, Survival Combat Fitness is for you,” Ellis aforementioned. “We all apprehend that scarey things happen,that is why you'll ne'er be too ready to safeguard yourself, your family and your property.”

Survival Combat Fitness turns out to be  a complete on-line coaching system, accessible at, designed to allow people make  a big strategic advantage within the face of real danger. It offers bit-by-bit instruction on a way to build your body move and desire a soldier contemporary out of cantonment, with advanced fighting techniques antecedently educated to the FBI, CIA, Navy Seals, SWAT and alternative high level officers

“This isn’t a sport. This isn’t regarding winning a title or a trophy. It’s regarding staying alive by  exhausting, coaching good and being prepared,” Ellis went on to add.

The system provides elaborated directions for each fitness, learning and combat technique with multiple camera angles and slow-motion breakdown by two of the foremost qualified folks in combat, martial arts and fitness. Areas of focus embody strength, learning, agility, combat drills similarly as concentrate on fighting stances, punches, strikes, kicks, and defense against deadly weapons and attacks.

About Survival Combat Fitness

A complete on-line coaching system, Survival Combat Fitness is meant to provide people a big strategic advantage in the event like a  real danger. It offers one by one instruction on how to move your body and feel like a trained  soldier , with advanced fighting techniques antecedently schooled to the FBI, CIA, Navy Seals, SWAT and different high level officers. Creators are Yuri Boiarsky, a trained Israeli armed forces, SWAT, U.S. United States Army Special Forces & Embassy Security Personnel, and John Spencer Ellis,founding father of the Mixed Martial Arts learning Association and National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association and a second degree black belt in Kung-fu. For additional data or to order the net videos, please visit

Prepper and Survival Fight Training

John Spencer Ellis & Yuri Boiarsky