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India OOH Advertising Industry Outlook to 2019-Digital OOH and Transit Media to Steer the Growth provides a comprehensive analysis of market performance in past and expected trend to be followed in future. The publication discusses market size, which is further segmented on the basis of Physical and Digital ad space; by places used such as Billboards, Transit Displays and Street furniture; by sectors such as FMCG, Auto, Media & Entertainment, Telecom and Financial Services. The report entails the market share analysis and company profiles of major players and list of major 40 advertising agencies in the OOH advertising industry. The report also provides the major trends and developments which are driving the growth of OOH market in India over the last few years. Future outlook of this market in the country has been provided on the basis of revenue and along with effects on the macroeconomic factors.

OOH advertising in India has been one of the fastest growing segments in the advertising space which represents high potential for advertisers with a large young, working and informed population driving the spending on OOH media by the brand owners. Spending on OOH advertising industry in the region attained a mark of INR ~ million in FY’2014, representing at a CAGR of 4.8% during FY’2008-FY’2014. The growth has largely been driven by increased spending by sectors such as FMCG, media and entertainment and automotive. These sectors have seen a significant high top of the mind recall among large population base of youngsters who spend a significant proportion of their time outdoor and are the main audience for their advertisements.

Physical OOH advertising market is comprised of segments such as media vehicles used and locations (street furniture, transit displays and streets) which are targeted by the advertisers. In the media vehicles for the physical OOH industry, the market share of billboards was registered to be the highest, commanding more than ~% of the market space in terms of revenue in FY’2014.

Digital OOH ad space has a small share in the OOH market but this has been the fastest growing segment and has established a strong foothold as reflected by its growing market share observed over the last few years. The digital segment commanded the second position at a CAGR of ~%.

The OOH industry is highly fragmented industry with unorganized segment dominating the market while the organized players have strategically increased their market share by providing advertisers with a wide range of customized solutions. Some of major organized players leading the market include Selvel One Group, BIG Street, Times OOH, TDI and others.

The overall OOH advertising industry would witness a remarkable growth in the coming years. However, the industry would continue to constitute a small proportion of the overall media industry. Growing number of malls, rise in infrastructure, innovation and technological progress and increasing number of people who spend time outdoor would drive the growth of India OOH advertising spending. The OOH advertising spending in India is anticipated to grow at a high CAGR and will reach a market size of INR~ million in 2019. Though the largest contributing sector would continue to be physical OOH, its contribution would decline to ~% in 2019 as digital OOH will witness high growth trajectory. 

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

·         Market Size of the India OOH Advertising Industry by total spending, FY’2008-FY’2014.

·         Market Segmentation of the India OOH Advertising Industry by Different Types of Ad Space, FY’2008-FY’2014.

·         Market Segmentation of India OOH Advertising on the Basis of Sector Contribution, FMCG, M&E, Auto, Telecom, Financial Services and Others, FY’2008-FY’2014.

·         The India OOH Advertising Industry Government Regulations.

·         Market Share of Major Players in the India OOH Advertising Industry, FY’2014

·         List of Major 40 Advertising Agencies, their founding year, specialties, employee size and headquarters

·         Trends and Developments of the India OOH Advertising Industry.

·         Profiles of Major Players Operating in OOH Advertising Market in India.

·         Future Outlook and Projections of the India OOH Advertising Industry on the basis of spending, FY’2015 - FY’2019.

·         Macro-economic and industry level factors affecting the OOH advertising market

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