Eyewear Brand Makes Consumer The Designer

Sunglasses can make the ultimate fashion accessory, but with many styles being massed produced and worn by the masses, looking for a design that’s unique and as individual as you are, isn’t so easy.
That is until now. C J Blanx is an exciting and innovative sunglasses brand that allows the customer to design and create their very own stylish pair of eyewear.

Founder Corey Connolly, said he had the idea for C J Blanx as he was attracted to the idea of allowing the consumer to choose what they want.
“Some brands like Nike and Converse were enabling their customers to customise their shoes. So I thought it was time to let sunglasses consumers tell the manufacture what they want to wear not what the manufacture want them to buy,” Corey explains.

“Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Australia notorious for its sunshine, I always loved sunglasses as a fashion accessory. I think they can really change the look of someone and compliment their mood and outfit. But I was sick of seeing the style and brand of sunnies I was wearing on every other person.”

C J Blanx offers 12 signature styles with eight acetate frames that are semi-vintage inspired. Two half rim metal frames and two aviator style frames are made out of nickel and over 160,000 variations.

“We have between five and seven arm shapes to go with each frame, 40 colours to choose from and seven different lens shades. You also have the option of polarise and your name written on the inside of the temples (arms),” Corey says.

Last year’s Big Brother contestant Ed Lower is an ambassador for the brand and says he thinks C J Blanx eyewear are awsome.
“I love C J Blanx. It's cool, young and enables you to choose your own sunnies based on your fashion sense. The business model and concept is very clever. Easily accessible, so many choices, tailored to your own needs and delivered right to your door,” Ed explains.
A C J Blanx pair of sunglasses can take around four to six weeks to manufacture. Each pair is individually handmade and not put in to a mass production line.
 Sunglasses retail between $328 and $365 which includes Free Shipping World Wide, with $5 from every sale being donated to a charity of the customer’s choice.