Zane Benefits Publishes New Information on Options for Switching Individual Health Insurance Plans

Today, Zane Benefits, the #1 Online Health Benefits Solution, published new information on options for switching individual health insurance plans.

According to Zane Benefits’ website, as of 2014, guaranteed-issue individual health insurance plans are available for the first time in the United States. Over 7 million people signed up for plans under the first ACA open enrollment period ending March 31, 2014.

Employers and employees should be aware that plans can be canceled at any time; however, now that open enrollment is closed, existing plans cannot be changed or replace except during scheduled open enrollment periods or special open enrollment periods created by a qualifying event.

Individuals may be able to replace their current individual health insurance plans outside of open enrollment if they have an event that qualifies them for a special enrollment period. These periods typically last 60 days and give a person the ability to purchase a new plan.

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