Perth City Glass Offers Toughened Safety Glass Installations

Perth City Glass, a go-to for glass installation and maintenance in Western Australia, offers toughened glass for residential and commercial buildings. With this product, the company guarantees to improve the security of clients’ homes and offices.

[PERTH, WA, JUNE 20, 2014] –Perth City Glass, one of Western Australia’s most experienced glass replacement experts, installs, maintains, and secures the glass of residential and commercial buildings. Client scan now enjoy the security of their homes and offices with Perth City Glass’ toughened safety glass installation and maintenance services.

Safer Than Other Glass Types

Toughened glass is popular because of its strength and safety features—one good aspect of this material is that it shatters into small pieces rather than jagged shards when broken, making it safer than other regular glass types. The glass goes through a process that puts the outer surfaces into compression, and the inner surfaces into tension.

Their toughened glass, which meets the current Australian Standards, are used in a range of applications, especially in areas subject to excessive amounts of heat and high impact, such as splashbacks, doors, side panels, balustrades, shelving, and shop fronts.

Combining Safety and Quality

Perth City Glass does not only provide safety with their glasses, but also quality. As mentioned, their toughened glass meets the current Australian Standards, and is able to withstand excessive heat and high impact. They use the most advance technology possible when it comes to the process of strengthening the material.

The company also ensures that they work as efficient as possible. They employ a mobile team of professionals skilled and well trained in providing the installations, repairs, and maintenance of the glass products. They are also currently offering glass splashbacks, shower screens, glass fencing, sliding robes, mirrors, glass table tops, and glass balustrading.

About Perth City Glass

Perth City Glass, one of the leading glass service providers in Western Australia, has been in the business for more than 25 years. Their team comprises of experienced glass replacement professionals who are also innovators in the field. The company specialises in the installation and repair of home and office glass fixtures.

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