OIRMS Revamps Website and Offers B2C Lead Generation

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Louisville, Kentucky, July 3, 2014: OIRMS is excited to announce they have revamped their current website and now offer business-to-consumer lead generation. These changes will alter the way the company provides services to their customers.

The website redesign was necessary because OIRMS wanted to focus more on digital strategy as it relates to comprehensive brand management instead of focusing on specific services. B2C lead generation can help increase sales. They also offer leads via pay-per-call affiliate marketing and pay-per-lead affiliate marketing.

For more than two years, OIRMS has offered their services to help small business be all they can in their industry. They have various strategies in place, such as content strategy, path-to-purchase optimization, and e-commerce channel management. Content strategy can help link partnerships with other businesses that can help the brand message thrive. They also offer affiliate marketing brand management and strategy. Depending on the type of business and their goals, OIRMS may be able to pair e-commerce businesses with affiliate marketing to allow for better management.

Visit the OIRMS website to learn more about their marketing services or call 502- 437-9466.

About OIRMS: OIRMS is an information and relationship marketing services and consulting company specializing in helping small businesses. It was founded in May 2013 by Dana Lorton and a silent partner. They met through LinkedIn, the business social networking service. When they realized they both were looking for the same things in a partner, they decided to start OIRMS. Their mission is to focus on “managing comprehensive brand strategy by getting to know the leadership, understanding each and every competitive KPI and focusing on the brand's personality in relation to its business objectives.”

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