InCollect Launches— Revolutionizing How We Discover Art and Design

Boston, MA – Great ideas stem from problems that need solving. As a collector of Modern Art, Antiques & Fine Art magazine’s founder and publisher, John Smiroldo, was frustrated that his busy schedule was hindering his travel to art fairs as well as his ability to stay connected with industry contacts. He wanted a way in which he and other collectors could connect with one another and with galleries, regardless of location or time—he wanted to make collecting and connecting easy and accessible. Eighteen months later, InCollect was born.

InCollect is the first platform of its kind where design, fine art, and decorative arts—from classic to modern—can be discovered and shared among consumers and leading professionals. As a premier listing site, members can find the galleries, dealers, and material they’re looking for, while being inspired by and connecting with top interior designers and architects. Both members and professionals are also able to build digital “Collections”—gathered from inventory and articles on InCollect, content from other websites or images they have taken. This feature is reminiscent of Pinterest but is geared to the arts and design industry. To enhance visitor experiences, professionals (dealers, designers, and architects) can curate their InCollect presence with audio clips and editorial content, making their listings more dynamic and personal, and allowing them to showcase their authority on a particular subject matter.

Discoverability is paramount on InCollect. Purpose-built search tools allow users to navigate the site’s beautiful content via a variety of search paths. Members can follow professionals whose areas of expertise match their interests, and receive notifications when content is added or new listings are created, ensuring members never miss an update. Users also have access to articles written on their areas of interest, and can keep informed about the art market through daily news items. Smiroldo says, “Social media won’t always exist on such a broad scale of interests such as Facebook. There is a need for platforms that cater to specific verticals and InCollect does just that for the art space.” By building a community on InCollect, art and design enthusiasts have the tools to connect, collect, and be inspired.

Key InCollect features include:
• Thousands of beautifully photographed items for sale from art galleries and dealers, ranging from classic antiques to modern design.
• Inspiring projects from the world’s top interior designers and architects.
• Informative articles and breaking news stories by InCollect’s editorial staff, museum curators, scholars, collectors, dealers, and design professionals.
• Social media tools that allow consumers and professionals to connect and communicate with ease —any place, any time.
• Clean, visually-appealing “professional” pages that serve as a useful branding tool for dealers, designers, and architects.

InCollect will formally launch in July 2014. Never before has an art and design platform made discovering, acquiring and sharing art, antiques, and design so accessible while providing industry professionals with the tools needed to build their brand.

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