Different hotels

The value of a hotel is always determined by the attention and services that, in the end, are what make it worth its price.  Nevertheless, the needs of twenty-first-century travellers are different from those of many years ago.  It is not enough to offer a hotel with miniclub in Majorca where children can have fun and parents can enjoy a great buffet and break the diet.  Modern travellers attach more importance than ever to the small details such as, for example, the decor and the architectural design of the hotel.

Today we will talk about this: how hotels in Spain and Europe have been changing, leaving thetypical sun and beach resorts for the Caribbean market and betting on the added value in the general concept of the accommodation.

Service, restaurants, cleanness and location are still the main reasons by which we book a hotel, according to several statistics made by the NH Hotels chain among its customers.  But when the basic needs —rest, food and comfort— are covered, the traveller begins to highlight less significant aspects such as hotel rooms with original design, appreciating, for example, a room with a unique character and a special theme, related to the destination or to the general concept of the hotel. In the same vein. there are numerous hotels in capitals such as Seville, Madrid or Barcelona. which have openly bet on this, such is the case of Petit Palace Barcelona Museum.

This hotel in the centre of Barcelona offers to the travellers the possibility of sleeping in an authentic modernist house, an aspect directly linked to one of the main travel motivations provided by the destination.  This added value, along with the advantages of a 4 star hotel in Barcelona, has turned this accommodation into a reference, specially among those travellers who arrive to the city from other countries.

Same or similar proposals can be found in other capitals of the country and go hand in hand with so established chains such as Barceló: the business hotel in Isla Mágica is a good sample.  Its architecture is inspired by the Guggenheim Museum in New York and its interior spaces are full of small details which have make of it one of the most outstanding design hotels in Spain.

Hotel Barcelo Renacimiento

This scheme, adapted to hotels for children in Playa de Palma, Playa de Muro, Ibiza coast and, in general, all the Mediterranean area, is noticeable in some hotels belonging to the Sol chain of  Melià, which have significantly changed in the last lustrum.  Besides its famous Flintstones Hotels (about which we have talked in previous posts), the Calvià Beach project is the result of renovating several family hotels in Palmanova and Magaluf, turning them into a big luxury holiday complex in Majorca, where we find from hotels for surfers to a replica of the Café del Mar in Ibiza.

Majorca keeps its character of epicentre as far as hotel innovation is concerned, it is a destination where we can see how and where go the demand and offer of the Spanish tourism trade. Offering exclusive services at affordable prices, bringing the luxury to the middle classand getting an increase in the daily expenses in order to compensate for the reduction of the stays duration in the last years.

In other beach destinations such as the Canary Islands, although it seems more slow, we can note this tendency in some spa hotels in Tenerife, in certain resorts in Lanzarote designed for families and in 4 star hotels in areas like Playa de Jandía, Costa Adeje and Corralejo. This last municipality is considered one of the fashionable destinations for this 2014 summer, according to the users comments in Tripadvisor.

Even so, the urban hotels are setting the trends in this way. The accommodations in the centre of Madrid are betting on taking care of the brand image and of the offer of original experiences inside the hotels with the aim of attracting new clients and competing in a more and more difficult market.

The medium-high level travellers are the objective and it is necessary to give them a series of attentions that, even though they were not essential in the last years, now are really indispensable.

If we pay attention to the annual statistics about tourism in Spain, we can note how the wifi service or internet connection in a hotel is one of the key elements when confirming a booking. Despite being now so common that travellers request a good virtual connectivity, there are still so few hotels in Madrid with free wifi, especially if we compare it with the big world capitals such as Berlin, Paris, Milan, London and New York.

Petit Palace Opera Garden

Nevertheless, some of them have seen the gold mine that this service represents and have really bet on becoming technological hotels of reference. It is the case of several hotels in Madrid offering iPad for enjoying it during the stay.

The details and extra services included in the price, the traditional hotel in Barcelona with included breakfast  or the hotel with a welcome gift for kids, are other of the most attractive elements for the guests when closing the booking.  In the same vein, some Adults Only hotelsoffer a spa voucher or a dinner in the hotel included in the booking, other family hotels include first-kid free accommodation (especially in high season and early bookings).

Although this will probably be the norm in some years, nowadays these hotels are classified under the concept of different hotels, where we can find that plus we all want in our holiday or business trip.  Choosing is nowadays difficult due to the offer, the key is seeking what is really special, without breaking the budget.