New Album, “A Look Into My Heart” Brings A Tender Touch to Jazz

So much of today’s music in all genres is heavily synthesized and computerized. No doubt, technology has created some amazing advances and allowed artists the ability to be even more flexible in their performance, but there has been a high cost as well. Too much music these days is “pop” and “processed” rather than simple and human. Fortunately, artists like Michael Egleton believe in music the old-fashioned way: straight from the heart.

Egleton and his producers have certainly brought “heart” back to music with his new album, “A Look Into My Heart.” Bringing a tender touch to jazz, Michael Egleton’s new songs are soulful, tender and heartfelt, many of them reflecting his own personal experiences with a candor that will leave listeners emotional. Through quality jazz and blues, Michael Egleton is reaching out to his audience, showing them his vulnerable side rather than slick techno-talent.

Michael Egleton is not departing from his usual style with this album; in fact, the singer has made a name for himself as a musician of the heart long before the release of his latest songs. He was ranked #1 on Reverberation in Ohio’s Blues and Jazz for most of 2013 and was was also featured twice at the Sweet Auburn Music Festival. Additionally, Michael Egleton was the first black Soul Blues artist to be invited to play in Ohio’s downtown Akron Musica Music Venue.

“A Look Into My Heart” has been the result of a year-long collaboration with other artists including Wes McCraw, Samuel Haygood, KT Beats, Bill Clarke of the S.O.S. Band and Ginger Pittman. The album is slated to be released on iTunes and Amazon as well as through in June 2014.

There is no doubt that this album is reflective of Michael Egleton’s personal feelings and beliefs. He says, “For the ladies, those who have been let down or lied to about love, it’s a message about love. For the men, it’s insight on loving someone correctly and the results of not loving someone correctly.”

He might have been speaking of his own mother. Egleton witnessed his mother and step-father’s difficult divorce, and much of the sadness that seems to emanate from some of the tunes could have its origins in that little boy’s sorrow at the end of his parent’s marriage. However, even though the album deals with sad subjects, the message is one of light, hope and inspiration.

“Music is a part of me, it’s self expression of hope. To have the ability to reach someone’s heart, to me this is a very special opportunity. For me, it’s my story in the form of a song,” says Michael Egleton.

About Michael Egleton:

From the age of seven, Michael Egleton knew that music would be his life’s work. His mother brought him a guitar which he began playing immediately, graduating to a keyboard and starting out in the Gospel music field. He worked his way into Jazz, Blues, R&B and Soul and has become one of today’s leading musicians, primarily due to his simple and honest approach to music.

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