Features of Airwheel E6 battery operated intelligent folding electric bike scooter

Of late, Airwheel has rolled out a type of new product, the E6 smart electric bike. E6 looks like Airwheel Z5. Like Airwheel Z5, E6 follows the exterior design and structure of the traditional electricity-assisted scooter. However, there are many features in Airwheel E6.

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Since Airwheel A3 became the first model with APP, best electric bicycles Airwheel E6 also makes use of APP. The user can download APP from online and install them in his mobile phone. For now, every young person has a mobile phone. They cannot go without their mobile phones. They even can live on the mobile phones. In view of this, Airwheel uses the APP in E6 once again. Using the APP, the user can carry out the all-out hitch-inspection on his mobile phone. At the same time, the data of riding are recorded on the APP. On request, these data can be easily gained for reference. The alarm system is added to the APP. Once something happens to the E6, it will quickly remind the user of its status.

In Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter A3, the electronic brake system is a selling point. The electronic brake system enables the beginners to activate the brake more easily. Although the attitude technology realises the brake by the rider’s standing upright, it is a bit hard for a beginner. The electronic brake system is installed on the right handlebar of E6 folding electric bike so that the rider can reach it and press it at once if need be.

Another draw of Airwheel E6 electric assist bicycle is its building block battery group. The building block battery group can be easily moved. It can be taken out of the E6 and be charged. Once one goes flat and the other will be the alternative. That saves much time that goes on charging.

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