David York Agency Long Time Member and Supporter of Sun-B

December 9, 2014 - New York, NY -- In 2002, Vicki Ellner was working for a Homecare Agency when she felt called to create an organization that would bring together all parts of the Elder Care Community. While spearheading the marketing for the Home Care Agency, she began work on the Senior Umbrella Network of Brooklyn (SUN-B).

Established in 2003, SUN-B is now a strong advocacy voice for issues relating to our aging population. Their mission is to educate, advocate and collaborate for seniors. SUN-B's agenda is dedicated to fighting ageism, promoting access to services and acting as a referral/resource network. They connect the community with professionals who provide programs, services, and products specific to the needs of older adults. They have a calendar of activities that educates the community and provides its member professionals opportunities to learn from each other. 

Recently members from the David York Healthcare Agency supported the SUN-B “Stand Up For Fall Prevention”event. This event was designed to educate and heighten awareness of fall prevention in the elderly community and their caregivers. Anita Kamiel of David York Agency, helped provide valuable resource information as well as working in the SUN-B booth. The event was held at the 3rd Avenue Festival on Sunday, September 28th. 

SUN-B holds monthly meetings with speakers that talk about elder care and their unique needs in the eldercare arena. The SUN-B October meeting featured  Karl Pillemer, PhD as the guest speaker. Dr. Pillemer is a professor of Human Development at Cornell University and Professor of Gerontology at the Weill Cornell Medical College. He wrote 30 Lessons for Living Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans which preserves the most important of life’s lessons from our precious older generation and has a forward by Jane E. Brody, the Personal Health Columnist for The New York Times.  All members in attendance received a copy of the book. The December 16th meeting will feature Commissioner Donna Corrodo of the NYC Department of Aging as its speaker with her unique perspective.

The SUN-B Board of Directors is all volunteer and, coupled with SUN-B Members, is dedicated to furthering the mission of the organization. In addition to their monthly meetings and networking events, every March they host a member breakfast. For information about their programs, visit their website at


David York Agency is a family-run business, founded by a Registered Nurse who long realized there was substantial need for affordable quality home-care services provided and supervised by caring individuals. In the course of its 30 years in business, David York Agency has flourished into a dominant Home Healthcare Agency. Founded on the principle that the aged, infirm and disabled are entitled to the opportunity to live their lives with dignity and meaning, David York Agency supports the rights of home care clients and encourages their involvement in the planning of care and services. Seeking to provide a supportive environment in the privacy and comfort of the clients’ homes, DYA’s mission is to furnish the highest quality homecare service, provided by home healthcare professionals with extensive hands-on staff and supervisory patient care experience in nursing home, hospital and private homecare settings.  Potential clients can begin by contacting the office at 718.376.7755 or by visiting David York Agency online at