Another Sixty Minutes of Wisdom for the New Year

Dr. Derek Grier's latest book Another 60 Minutes of Wisdom; Growth on the Go is an excellent resource for not only Christians, but any person seeking practical, applicable insights to every day challenges.  The new book is the second in Grier's 60 Minutes series.  The first book Sixty Minutes of Wisdom; Insights in an Instant was published in 2009.  The series is born of Grier's wildly popular radio broadcast that airs in the Washington, DC Metro area.  Like the radio broadcasts, the books offer counsel on everything from finances and time management to marriage and friendship, in manageable sixty second lessons.  From an uncompromising Biblical world view, Grier motivates and inspires his readers and his congregation of over 3,000 people to lead purposeful and productive lives.

With the start of a new year, Another 60 Minutes of Wisdom is a great read to clear away the cobwebs of 2013 and plan a strategy for realistic improvements to life in 2014.  Because each lesson can be read in 60 seconds, they are powerful, bu not overwhelming to tackle.  "He has squeezed the nectar and then turned it into a concentrate so that in less than a minute, you can grow on the go," writes Sam Chand.

Grier’s uncompromising approach to preaching and teaching the gospel has helped him lead Grace Church in phenomenal growth. The highly acclaimed Outreach Magazine lists Grace Church among the 100 fastest growing churches in the nation. 

Grier is nationally recognized as a thought leader on engaging the culture and continues to earn the respect of leaders from all political stripes. The Washington Post recently featured him in an exclusive, highlighting his increasing influence in politics and culture. 

Dr. Grier's program Grace for Today can be heard each weekday morning on WAVA in the nation's capital.