10 Red Flags You're Dating the Wrong Person

Sometimes guys are so stoked to have "gotten the girl" that they don't spend enough time thinking about whether or not the girl they've got is ‘right’ for them. Sure, hooking-up with a beautiful woman is always a great confidence booster, especially if you had to work hard to get there. But the thrill of the challenge should not stop you from also knowing if there might be a future, or if you should get out fast. You owe it to her, and you’ll do a favor to yourself.

Not sure? Look for these red flags:

1. She's Rude to the Waiters

This is a sign you can look for right on the first date. Since most first dates traditionally take place at a restaurant, how your date treats your servers is a great early indication of whether or not you are compatible beyond making first date chitchat. If the way she talks to your waiter makes you cringe and feel sorry for the staff that has to put up with her, then chances are she's not someone you want to be spending a lot of time with.

2. She Doesn't Say "Thank You"

Even in the enlightened 21st century, it's still pretty much expected that the guy will pick up the check for the first date. It's not a bad sign if your date expects you to pay (chances are you invited her to dinner, in which case you should definitely be paying), but if she doesn't at least say "thank you" for inviting her out to dinner, or acts like you should be thanking her for the privilege of buying her food, then you're likely dating a girl who is way too self-centered and rude to make a good long-term partner. If she's not appreciative of a relative stranger buying her meal, she's not likely to be any more polite about anything you might decide to do for her in the future.

3. She Doesn't Listen

Whenever you talk, does she interrupt you or show all the telltale signs that she's doesn't care one bit about what you have to say? Then you should probably look for a partner who shows at least a little interest in what you have to say or what you care about.

4. You've Never Met Her Friends or Family

When someone is serious about the person they're dating, they'll make sure to introduce them to their family and friends. If the girl you've been dating for a while still doesn't want you to meet anyone else in her life, then your relationship probably isn't going to last for long.

5. She Doesn't Want to Meet Your Friends or Family

On the flipside of the last red flag, if the girl you're with is always avoiding meeting your friends, family, and coworkers, then it's likely that she's not as committed to being a part of your life as she should be for a relationship to work.

6. She's Too Demanding

Relationships require compromise, and it's not out of line for her to expect you to make some small sacrifices for her. But if she is constantly demanding that you change every little thing while never making any compromises herself, that's a sign that your relationship isn't a healthy one.

7. Your Relationship Is Her Only Interest

It's natural for a woman to be emotionally invested in how her relationship is progressing, but it's never a good sign if you and your relationship with her is the only thing she ever shows any interest in or wants to talk about.

8. You Get Exhausted Being Around Her

Relationships can be stressful, but they should also be fun, supportive, and rewarding. If the only thing you feel after spending time with your lady is exhaustion and stress, then you're not getting the emotional fulfillment out of the relationship that you should.

9. She’s Always Trying to Change You

There's a difference between a woman asking you to wear the pair of expensive cufflinks she bought for you, and a woman throwing out your entire wardrobe without asking. If the woman you're with is constantly trying to change every little thing about you, that means she's less interested in being with you than she is being with the man she thinks she can turn you into.

10. You Can't Imagine a Future with Her

When you look six months or a year into the future, can you imagine what your relationship with your girl looks like? If you can't, or can't imagine you'll be with her that long, then she's probably not the one for you.

At the end of the day, a relationship that isn't rewarding isn't a relationship worth keeping. If the woman you're dating is constantly sending up one or more of the above red flags, then it's probably time to consider your exit strategy.


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