No meat? No worries!

While many Aussies may be reaching for the lamb cutlets this Australia Day, meat doesn’t have to be the only star cooking on the barbeque.

Blogger Christie Connelly from Fig & Cherry suggests we put a twist on our traditional Australia Day food choices by using other Australian grown products to wow the crowd.

“Despite what Sam Kekovich might say, meat doesn’t have to be the focus on Australia Day,” says Christie who as well as being a prolific food blogger, also develops recipes for Vitasoy.

“Freshening up your favourite recipes with easy ingredient swaps creates a great talking point for a celebration,” she says.

“Soymilk can be used to add a nuttier flavor and creamy texture to many BBQ and party dishes and because Vitasoy’s soymilk is made from Australian grown beans, you can ensure your Australia Day is authentically Australian,” she adds.

Christie lists her top choices for this weekend’s entertaining as:


Crunchy baked zucchini chips

Avocado hummus


Veggie kebabs with spicy mayo

Chickpea and sweet potato burgers

Side Dishes

Spinach and potato salad with soy salad cream

Purple carrot fritters


Anzac biscuit sandwiches

Mango and macadamia ice cream

So get something different on your barbie this weekend and your guests could soon be cheering “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Soy Soy Soy!”


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