Elite Group Offers the Best Experiential Marketing Solutions in America

New York, April 03rd, 2014 - As the entire advertising and marketing agency is going through a shift towards the utilization of new and creatively innovative methods for captivating the senses of the target customers and also for creating memorable experiences – at Elite Marketing Group they offer a range of customized experiential marketing programs those can effectively bring a particular brand face-to-face with its customers. With their live marketing platform Elite best shape customer experience and also deliver unique brand experiences by bringing your brand to life.

With their root lying in services related with data capture and customer acquisition – Elite Marketing Group have been offering experiential marketing services, consumer targeting, program and event management and planning and also field management services for more than 30 years and is one of most trusted experiential marketing companies in the country. With their 24x7 accessibility, creative passion and commitment to always deliver the best results Elite can provide the best quality services for any client or environment and also deliver a sustainable ROI.

As it is possible to refer to experiential in many different forms or it can also exist in a number of different formats like event marketing, sponsorship activation or live marketing – at Elite Marketing Group they also design customizable event marketing strategies that bring a brand face-to-face with its customers. Unlike other marketing medium, using this live platform allows Elite to better shape the intended brand experience and without bothering about the product it is marketing, they can always add life to the brand and also deliver unique and most satisfying customer experiences.

With their couple of offices in New York and three regional branch offices at Atlanta, Chicago and LA Elite do serve their clients on a national level and offer experiential marketing management, control and oversight anywhere in the country. As targeting, captivating and inspiring are the three general steps in the domain of event marketing, with their live marketing platform Elite can always create brand experience as no other advertising company and no wonder that they were among the top 100 event marketing company in America for five consecutive years from 2007 to 2011. For more information you can always visit their website online at

About The Company

Elite Marketing Group is one of the prominent experiential marketing companies, with more than 30 years of experience in targeting, inspiring and attracting consumers. The company offers a comprehensive suite of integrated, customized marketing solutions to enable organizations to connect and interact with consumers.


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