Green Coffee Bean vs. Raspberry Ketone – The Battle between the Natural and the Synthetic

Health supplements, as an aid to weight loss, are becoming more and more popular these days – what with an increase in the population of people turning towards a healthier lifestyle with healthier alternatives to everything from food, to skin products, and even vitamins and supplements. It is important to choose what is right for you, whether to go with natural or whether it isn’t really important to you. Look at the label and read the ingredients list. Between Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketone is a conundrum often experienced by many as both have proven effects at weight loss. We hereby explored their differences.

Availability and Preparation

Green Coffee Beans are all natural and can be obtained wherever coffee grows. The preparation process is simple; because it is organic and all natural, the beans simply have to be harvested and ground and are ready for use. Roasting is unnecessary in the use of Green Coffee Beans as a weight loss supplement which makes it all the more easier and hassle free to prepare and would lead to wider availability. 

With Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketone, Raspberry Ketone can be a bit more complex to prepare. The availability of Raspberries as crops is not very common as they cannot grow in a humid or too cold environment. Also, the prevalence of Ketone in raspberries is quite low at only 1-4 milligrams per kilogram of raspberries. Since Ketone levels are low, Raspberry Ketone is often chemically infused with Acetone and Sodium Hydroxide making it unnatural and definitely inorganic.


Green Coffee Bean contains Chlorogenic Acid which stops the absorption of new lipids in to the system, hence forcing the body to use its stored fats in order to gain energy. What Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketone have in similar is the ability to speed up metabolism; however in dealing with fat, Raspberry Ketone will break down stored fat but not stop new fat from being absorbed. To some, this may seem like a never ending process of fat breakdown since new fats are not being stopped from entering the body.

Long story, short: both supplements aid in metabolism. Green Coffee stops new ingested fat from entering the system. Raspberry Ketone will allow fat to pass through, but break down stored fat. We don’t see the point in breaking down stored fat if you permit new fat to enter in the first place.

Other Effects

Green Coffee Bean is well known and preferred by many because besides its fulfilled promise of weight loss, it also aids the body in preventing the risk of possible heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  We don’t often find a supplement that has multiple uses but Green Coffee Bean produces effects and keeps us healthy at the same time.

Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketone isn’t even a worthy comparison. Raspberry Ketone is synthetically made and chemically infused. You would get better worth for your money with Green Coffee Bean and all the effects and bonus effects it has.