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High Quality eLiquids with Wonderful Flavors and Smoother Taste

VANCOUVER, CANADA - April 18th, 2014 – Electronic Cigarettes have played and are still playing a crucial role in helping individuals quit smoking the easiest way. eCigs are devices that do not contain any tobacco nor do they produce any smoke. They are just nicotine vaporizers wherein the liquid in the devices heats up and becomes steam which is then inhaled or exhaled by the smokers. These devices are the best alternatives for smokers who cannot get out of the habit of smoking. Gastown Vapes is one such company that provides ecigarettes, eliquid, and accessories such as wall chargers, clearomizers, starter kits and many more.

Gastown Vapes are the exclusive and authorized dealers for premium Gourmet eJuices from Premium Laboratories which are Juicy Amore and Doll E Juice. There are highly complex flavors such as the Versace Vanilla or Blue Gold Vanilla Versace in the Platinum Edition and some very common flavors such as Vanilla Custard, Hazelnut, Orange Cream, Blueberry, etc. in the Gastown V Juice but which are packed with an amazing taste. For those who want to try something bold, The Juicy Amore collection of eliquids are extremely good. The Platinum Edition of eJuices is coming soon with 4 to 7 different complex flavors. All the eJuices have zero calories but taste great. Above all these eCigs are 80% cheaper than the actual smoking costs and are the best options to lead a smoke free life.

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Gastown Vapes, based at Vancouver, Canada offers high quality premium gourmet e-liquids and accessories for different vaping needs. This company also offers eJuice in different flavors such as Amore Juice, Doll E Juice, Gastown V Juice and the Platinum Edition flavor.

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