New Site Helps You Effectively Manage Daycare Waitlists

One very important issue that daycare owners or managers face is how to manage daycare waiting lists efficiently. When running a daycare you are doing more than singing songs and nurturing little ones, you are running a business. It can be rather challenging to maintain this list, especially if you do not have the mind set for computer technology. As a business owner, you are responsible for all the bills, maintenance, and general decision making regarding your daycare. Recently a new website started up that only provides the service of helping users maintain and manage their daycare waiting list. The website,, is an extremely helpful and easy to use software system that provides efficient ways of assisting you with this daycare business necessity. In addition, the program operates completely on the web—nothing is put onto your computer, completely safe and secure.

Manage Your Daycare Waitlist

With this easy to use set up you are provided with many helpful tools in organizing and options to help you manage daycare waitlists. The setup is designed to have a large point of view with all of your information on the main screen and then the further you click through everything, the more details you find. The first way the program is organized is to provide five sections for each standard daycare age group from infants to four year olds. This first page shows you the number of children from each age group that are on your wait list and the length of time the longest wait has been. Further advancement into each category provides you with data on each child including their age and name and general wait list information. You can go even further then this data, by clicking on each child's name to see contact and general information about the child, its siblings, and family. Each section is easily accessed and you have complete control over editing, updating, and deleting the files.

More about the Program

The program setup makes it simple for you to set your own customized priorities or to take advantage of the setting already offered. You can use the demo online to see how it works and if you like it, there is a trial offer. Just sign up and try it out for 30 days, and it you like it then it is $100 per year for unlimited use. Their program is especially great because it only includes the features that you need to actually manage your wait list and does not force unnecessary features onto you. With the daycare waitlist software, you are able to easily manage all of your families' information and manage all of your categories and subcategories in one convenient place. Complete with secured protocols and database encryption,, is totally secure for storing all private information on you and your clients. All of the data is stored online and can be viewed at any location on any computer at any time. Visit the website for more information

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