Are You Ready For Your Rankings To Go Downhill? A Wake Up Call

The secret is out: Smart SEOs expect to lose their rankings.

It could be a penalty, a competitor who could pull ahead in search results or an algorithm update that will redirect a major chunk of your audience.

Are you prepared to lose your rankings this way? Do you have a backup plan that might work?

It takes some serious yet effective website design strategies, SEO and online marketing plans to keep your ranking. This could entail:

  • Link quality control
  • Amazing design
  • Modern onsite SEO
  • Refined content
  • Zero errors
  • Serious link building
  • Social traction
  • Google authorship
  • Co-citations and co occurrence

You should audit your link profile whether you are building links yourself or outsourcing through someone. Take a fresh look with a new perspective and see what you will remove after the penalty

Design is very important

Google’s guidelines state “Make pages for users, not for search engines”. Following guidelines may not guarantee high rankings but violating them is sure to guaranteepenalties and algorithm demotions.

It should be remembered that great users will ultimately turn into repeat sales.

When you are popular and you earn it then you stop several resources from bringing in the same number of sales.

Good designs earn natural links and if you doubt that statement then all you have to do is to look at any one of the popular websites today.

Understanding modern onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is much more than keyword placement. Pages that have no clear or defined purpose or are not doing a good job of serving their purpose are open to penalties. Pages that use too much advertising are open to risks. Pages with repeated keyword or ones that sacrifice user experience for SEO aspects are also not good. Keyword can be still included in title but titles should be constructed to maximise click through rates and to promote viral sharing.

Error free site should be the ultimate aim

Errors can do a lot of harm to an otherwise well-designed website. You should look for errors using tools like Google Webmaster and eliminating anything that shows up as errors.

Some of the basic SEO errors that you should be avoiding are:

  • 404 pages
  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Long title tags
  • Poor internal linking
  • No sitemap
  • No robots.txt
  • No product descriptions
  • Redirects other than 301


Content in King

Content that does not meet the following standards has to be eliminated:

  • The content meets the expectation from the title
  • The title alone is enough to share on social networking websites
  • The content offers a unique spin and data that is not found in any other integral place on the web.

Building serious quality links

The links you build should be worth building even if they are nofollow. The links should serve purposes of referral traffic and brand impression. If you feature on the website it will add to the credibility of your website.

Co citations and co occurances

Co citation is when a site links to you as an authoritative or relevant site.

Co-occurrence- this is when the site mentions your brand or company without any link.

Social traction is important

Social traction does not have any direct impact on rankings but it is pertinent for SEO purposes.

Google authorship

Here you can use Google + to link content to your name

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