Date Night Helps Build a Strong Marriage - Expert Offers Tips to Finding a Sitter for Date Night & Valentines Day. SeekingSitters Says Valentine's Day is One of the Most Requested Nights of the Year

Washington D.C. - Couples who have a regular date night have stronger marriages, according to the National Marriage Project.  But finding child care can be a challenge, especially on Valentine's Day. Babysitting experts at SeekingSitters say it's one of the most requested nights of the year. 

In Washington D.C. and Montgomery County, MD, Linda Quinones is the local mom who runs SeekingSitters.  Quinones spent more than 20 years raising four kids and running a day care and an after school care program for the YMCA. Today she is happy to provide child care for other moms and dads.  Quinones personally interviews each sitter and then in-house private investigators thoroughly screen each one. 

Quinones says when looking for a sitter for Valentine’s or any time, there are seven key traits that make up a good babysitter:  

1.     Great references:  This is one of the most overlooked steps and one of the most important.  A good sitter will have had regular jobs and good references. Check them thoroughly by calling their references. 

2.     Responsible and reliable: A good sitter will show up on time and be prepared to watch the kids. They are polite and respectful.

3.     Solid credentials: SeekingSitters only hires sitters who have a current first aid card and CPR training. Check their knowledge of how to handle health issues or common injuries such as cuts, scrapes and bleeding. 

4.     A bag full of tricks: Sitters should be prepared with fun, age appropriate activities for kids, including games and crafts.  They spend time interacting with the kids while enjoying their bag of goodies.

5.     Cleanliness: A good sitter cleans up after herself and strives to leave the home looking better than when you left it. A top sitter keeps the place tidy and pitches in to help the kids do the same. Be sure to set clear expectations for the sitter.

6.     Safety smarts: Good sitters put safety first.  They don’t open the doors to strangers and won’t expose kids to Internet dangers. They keep their cell phone off and only use it in case of emergencies or to communicate with the parents. 

7.     They ask good questions: Experienced sitters will ask about the rules, discipline and find out in advance what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior for the kids.  They request clear instructions about the kids as well as contact information and emergency details.

How SeekingSitters Works:

Quinones and her team do all of the work for families: they find the sitters, screen them, schedule babysitting jobs and handle payments through an online system. What really sets SeekingSitters apart is their background screening. The company was founded in 2004 by a mom who is also a licensed private investigator. SeekingSitters has a team of in-house private investigators that screen all sitters.  There are more than 100 locations, in 28 states and members can use sitters from any location if they move or are traveling on vacation.

SeekingSitters has sitters and family members who are available for interviews and photos/video. For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Diane White at (918)770-3905 or  You can find more by visiting

About SeekingSitters:
SeekingSitters was founded in 2004 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and franchised in 2006. SeekingSitters services more than 90 locations in 28 states. SeekingSitters is a nationally recognized babysitting service providing a reliable, convenient and trustworthy babysitting solution for families – from last minute child care to regular scheduled services. In addition, SeekingSitters now provides house sitting, pet sitting and study support services.  SeekingSitters has been featured on CNN, CBS News, Headline News, Entrepreneur Magazine,, on CNBC show “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” and was named one of the “25 Best Women-Owned Businesses” by Working Mother Magazine in 2008. Please visit