California South Bay Based Venture Management Company Helps Businesses Avoid Shipwrecks

It is the “harbor pilot” that leads a ship past the underwater rocks, shipwrecks, shoals, and shallow water that are fatal to so many startup companies. South Bay California Based Venture Management Company (“VMC”) helps guide early-stage technology companies to success.

"Start up companies turn dreams into reality," says Venture Management Company found Dr. Fred Haney. "The most successful ones start with a truly big, or disruptive, idea; a concept that will significantly change the way something is done."

Experienced CEO, Entrepreneur, and Business Director Haney was the founder and manager of 3i Ventures, a highly successful $80 Million venture capital subsidiary of 3i Group, plc, the world’s largest venture capital firm. He was the founding Chairman and CEO of NovaDigm Therapeutics, Inc., (vaccines for MRSA and candida), DRC Computer, Inc., (super-computer co-processors), and PulSentry, Inc. (monitors for early detection of cardiac tamponade). In 1984, he founded Monday Club, a 500-member mentoring network in Orange County, Los Angeles South Bay, and Santa Monica.  He was a co-founder of Tech Coast Angels in 1997.

VMC helps early-stage companies succeed in all three dimensions of building a company:  First, shaping the idea and planning for success. Secondly assembling resources and management. Third, creating effective financing plans and raising capital.  VMC works only with companies that have extraordinary ideas, and we help them articulate their concept and develop effective business strategy and implementation plans.  

Through VMC's extensive network of contacts and experience, they help companies assemble the resources required to be successful, including top-level management and boards of directors.  They help companies develop realistic financing plans, valuations. and fundraising strategies. Their goal is to build companies that attract capital like a magnet.

About Founder, Dr. Fred Haney

Haney has been a director over 30 companies, including Rainbow Technologies, Inc. (NasDaq: RNBO, now merged with SFNT), IC sensors,  Inc., Evernet Systems, Inc. and Sierra Semiconductor (investor/observer).

Haney has also been an advisor to USC’s Entrepreneur Program since 1984.  He has been assisted by approximately 15 interns from that program. He currently works with Amy Hvitfeldsten, a 2013 graduate. 

Before founding 3i Ventures, Fred managed strategic planning organizations for Xerox, Inc., Computer Sciences Corp., and TRW, Inc.  While in graduate school, he held part-time jobs with IBM in Columbus, OH, Denver, CO, New York City, NY, and Providence, RI.  

In 1999, Fred was selected as “Mentor/Angel of the Year” by the American Electronics Association of Orange County.  In 2002, he was chosen as “Director of the Year for Early Stage Companies” by the Orange County Forum for Corporate Directors.

Having served on “both sides of the table” as investor, entrepreneur, and senior executive, Fred brings a unique perspective to his role as a corporate director.  He plays an active part in strategic planning, management, corporate strategy, and fundraising.

Fred received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.  His Masters degree, in Mathematics, is from Colorado State University.  His B.A. degree is from Ohio Wesleyan University.  

In 2006, Fred published “My Doggie Says: Messages from Jamie,” a collection of 85 color photographs capturing various “behavioral” messages sent by Jamie, a golden retriever.  For four years he hosted the “My Doggie Says” radio talk show on KFNX, in Phoenix.  On the show, he interviewed well-known authors, dog trainers, officers of dog-related companies, and radio and TV personalities. Fred plays soccer every day with his 6 1/2 year old golden retriever, Callie.   He is a dedicated 18-handicap golfer who practices more than he plays.

Fred is married; he has two grown children and two granddaughters. Dr. Fred Haney is a venture capitalist, computer scientist, strategic planner, corporate executive, angel investor, entrepreneur, and award-winning author. Fred has been likened to a harbor pilot who leads a ship through dangerous water. The pilot knows the location of the underwater rocks, ship wrecks, shoals, and other dangerous obstacles. Starting a company is just as tricky. Inexperienced leaders often make fatal mistakes simply because they are not aware of the dangers and time-tested ways of getting things done. 

Computer Scientist

After receiving his B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan and an M.S. in Math at Colorado State, Fred was a member of the first class to receive a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. His thesis was in the field of artificial intelligence: Using a Computer to Design a Computer Instruction Set with Gordon Bell, inventor of the original Digital Equipment Corp. computers; Allen Newell, father of artificial intelligence; and Herb Simon, winner of two Nobel Peace Prizes on his committee. 

Corporate Executive

During his five years of graduate school, Fred held four summer-internships with IBM. When he graduated from Carnegie Mellon, in 1968, he joined Scientific Data Systems (SDC), in El Segundo, CA, as a software manager. He was responsible for the development of several operating systems and subsystems for SDS computers, including a large multi-processing operating system. In 1970, SDS was acquired by Xerox for $980 Billion. Fred's career as a corporate executive spanned two tours of duty at Xerox, two years at Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC), and four years at TRW, Inc. 

Strategic Planner

After Xerox acquired SDS, Fred's responsibilities shifted to planning future products and businesses. He was involved in Xerox's planning for the "office of the future", as well as plans for Xerox's workstation products. At CSC, he established a planning system for the Infonet Division, and he managed a project with the Ministry of Planning for Algiers, Algeria. At TRW, he performed a turnaround of a portion of TRW Vidar Division, and he planned the sale of the original Vidar Transmission Products division and the TRW Datacom Division to other companies. 

Monday Club

Monday Club is a group of over 500 High Tech Executives and Business Professionals in Southern California who meet once a month to help start-up companies raise their first investment capital. Members have extensive experience in working with high tech companies. They know what it takes to make a good presentation, and they know what investors are looking for: