Overview of China Touch Panel Industry

China Touch Panel Market has rapidly grown and total demand of Touch panel industry has entered in to maturity stage. Seeing from shipments, two thirds of touch panels in global are applied to mobile phone, which is the main application field. Meanwhile, touch panel enterprises develop in roller-coaster way, having gone through severe product homogeneity, product surplus, price dropping and profit reduction etc. caused by the flood of large resources in touch panel industry, under the disorder market competition, the shut-down, merging and integration of enterprises in touch panel industry has begun since 2012, like a mighty wave crashes on a sandy shore, this trend becomes more obvious since 2014, in future, it is possible that the integration of touch panel industry chain will be speeded up overall.

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At present, the major touch panel manufacturers in global mainly concentrate into Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, followed by China Mainland. Statistics data suggests: by the end of 2014, the output value of global touch panel industry was about USD 33.8 billion, up 35.2% over the same period of 2014, the growth rate was large. In overall, the global touch panel industry will enter into the new pattern of all-round integration.

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At present, Taiwan still is the largest production region of touch panel in Global. In 2014, the shipments of touch panel in Taiwan accounted for 36.1%, followed by South Korea (16.3%) and Japan (13.8%) successively. These three parties control the speaking right of industry chain by their advantages. In which, Taiwan manufacturers have advantages in mass production, South Korea Manufacturers take the leading position in technology and Japan manufacturers hold key materials. After the rapid development in recent 2 years, by the end of 2014, the global market shares of touch panel industry in China Mainland had increased to 28.5%.

With the transfer of global manufacturing center of touch panel industry in future, it is predicted preliminarily that the shipments of China Touch Panel Market in Mainland China will be increased further, exceed Taiwan and become one of the regions with the largest shipment in global.

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