Personal Audio Invests in Bringrr-TM

January 17, 2014

Beaumont, Texas – Personal Audio, the pioneer in personalized media solutions, announced today that is has invested in Bringrr Systems, an innovator in the emerging IoT (Internet of Things) industry. The company’s flagship product is the patented Bringrr, a Bluetooth device that helps “Keep Track of What Matters Most.”  Simply plug Bringrr into the power port of a car, and when it is started, Bringrr sounds an alarm whenever the user forgets to bring their cell phone.  Bringrr also doubles as a car charger.   See more at

Bringrr, recently discussed on TechCrunch, can also track other important items through the use of BringTags.  These are small, colored disks that are easily attached to, hung from, or placed inside anything from laptops or tablets, wallets, briefcases, keys—even the family pet. The Bringrr smartphone app can be used to program those times and days that any tagged item should be in the vehicle when it starts. For instance, if a user goes to the gym on Wednesdays, Bringrr will look for the tagged gym bag on that day.

BringTags can also be used in conjunction with the Bringrr app to find items when lost. Simply call up the app and indicate which BringTagged item is missing and it will start to emit a sound. The BringTag community can also be used to find missing items as each user’s app will be on the lookout for all missing BringTags.

Bringrr is now featured on Kickstarter where it has risen to one of the most highly supported Technology projects.  

“One of Personal Audio’s initiatives is investing licensing revenue into innovative Tech start-ups that are patent protected,” said Brad Liddle, Personal Audio’s CEO and General Counsel.

Bringrr is protected by several U.S. patents including the recently issued U.S Patent No. 8,570,168 B2. Other patents covering the Bringrr concept, including U.S. Patent No. 6,631,271, date as far back as August, 2000.

About Personal Audio:

Personal Audio, LLC was founded in 1996 by James Logan, a serial inventor and entrepreneur, with a mission of offering personalized media to listeners over the Internet. The company worked to develop an audio player that could download, store and manipulate audio files to fulfill that mission. The Personal Audio system, along with related ideas, was described in several patent applications filed in October 1996.

Personal Audio's pioneering playlist technologies are commonly used today in smartphones, tablets and other devices that store and play audio and video files and work with downloaded playlists.

In 2009, the "Episodic Content Patent" was issued to Personal Audio based on its 1996 patent

disclosure.  The groundbreaking innovations described in this patent covering the distribution of serialized online media are commonly used today in the distribution of podcasts and serialized television shows. Learn more at

About Bringrr

Bringrr Systems, a New Hampshire startup, is dedicated to developing new and simple accessories geared at helping consumers improve their day-to-day lives.


Lori York, Media Relations
Personal Audio LLC

lyork (at) personalaudio (dot) net