Limo Hire Specialists in Manchester UK

If you are in the Manchester UK region for a special event such as a wedding, birthday or other special occasion and need Limo Hire Manchester, then take a look at Earl's Limousines for the best service in the area. They can be a lifesaver if you need to get to the airport, get to a wedding from your hotel room, or just a fantastic way to surprise that special someone in your life with the ride of their life complete with a chauffeur to provide every needed service along the way.

Earl's Limousines customers have given countless testimonials on their website about the business 'polite and professional service in everything they do.

Earl's Limousine Vehicle Choices

They offer a choice of Hummer limousines that seat between 13 and 18 passengers in black, white or even pink for that special lady in your life or perhaps for your daughter's sweet 16 birthday party. These special equipped Hummers come complete with DVD screens, laser lights, crystal bar, privacy glass and air conditioning.

Plus, you can Limo Hire Manchester their eight passenger Chrysler cream colored limousine if you would prefer. It comes complete with a DVD player, twinkle lights, a surround sound system, leather seats, fully stocked bar and mood lights.

Besides limos, Earl's Limousines also offers larger vehicles for things like party buses with a choice of an open double decker bus for things like office parties, prom night, business needs and can also do catering for that party or event if desired.

Reserving a Limo Ride is Easy

It's also simple to reserve a ride in one of Earl's Limousines special equipped vehicles. This can be done by getting an online quote on their website for Limo Hire Manchester or by calling them at 0800 288 8746. They are available for hire in not only Manchester, but also in Liverpool, Cheshire, as well as Warrington and in the North West.

Valuable Tips for Limo Hire Manchester

If you are getting ready for Limo Hire Manchester, then you will want to follow these valuable tips:

Be sure to double check that you receive the exact limo that you ordered, as some companies may try to put you into a lesser vehicle, but this is NOT a practice of Earl's Limousines, so you can be sure you are getting what you paid for every time.

In addition, with Earl's Limousines you won't have to be concerned for your kids or loved ones, as they are equipped with all of the proper licenses, and required paperwork to ensure your safety and security. Their drivers are also fully trained and know how to drive these special limo type of vehicles. They are also members of the Natural Limousine and Chauffer Association.

The bottom line is that customers who need to hire a limo or other ride in Manchester UK area can choose from a choice of several special vehicles that can meet their need for a chauffeured ride to weddings, birthdays, or other special occasions.

A family run business, Earls Limousines is noted for its Limo Hire Manchester services, their affordability and round-the-clock availability for visitors and professionals.