Watercraft Technologies sells 500 Skimmer Kayak Motor Kits in 18 months

Fort Pierce, FL February 1, 2015.Watercraft Technologies made sales of 500 Skimmer Kayak Motor kits in 18 months in keeping with their motto to ensure kayak and canoe  paddlers “Return Home Safely”. The company provides superior benefits to customers for fishing, camping, and even day tours so that more people can enjoy these activities with the Skimmer.

The lightweight, battery-operated motor propels a kayak or canoe at 3-5 mph without oil or gas drips, an ecologically safe process. The project, which started in 2013, was aimed at providing physically challenged individuals the opportunity to enjoy kayaking with a safe and easy to operate device. We developed the device known as “The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit”

“This idea started as a quest to assist physically challenged adults and children, but has turned into a way to assist all kinds of people who want to travel farther on their kayaking trips and “Return Home Safely”. It is, for example, amazing how many people who fish from their kayaks are buying the Skimmer Kayak MotorKit,” indicates James Burke, owner Watercraft Technologies.

Burke has a background as a former principal of a high school for the physically challenged. After retirement James took up kayaking. It was his desire to bring kayaking into the lives of such physically challenged children and adults. It appeared that many seniors that had also given up this activity due to health reasons have found Skimmer to be the best way to rediscover their love for the sport. Kayaking can now be performed easily by people of any age group, including senior adults.

The motors are of either 17lb or 24lb thrust – the perfect size to propel the kayak trolling motor for optimum performance.. The original Skimmer and Skimmer II are designed for salt water as well as fresh water!  “The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit” is able to provide the ultimate kayaking experience and is suitable for everyone. Just Sit Back and relax.

The recent sales are a testimony to the excellent product as well as superior customer service offered by the company. With a huge response, the popularity of the trolling motor for the kayak and canoe will increase as more and more people are inclined to take up the activity due to its ease of use.

The Florida-based company has been fast developing into a leading kayak motor manufacturer. They also provide a simple  control box manufactured with an easy-to-use toggle switch. The award winning tiller style steering only accentuates the Skimmer’s directional movement. With an easy connect and extend, it can be set up in just seconds. Also, the motor lifting system is simple with a bungee cord attached to the Skimmer Motor Shaft to easily lift it out of the water.

With “The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit” enjoy day trips or long distance journeys; group outings to explore bays, rivers, and lakes to have fun with friends. It assists all paddlers to return safely back home, to the dock or the beach. Kayak fishing is a popular recreational activity and Watercraft Technologies equipment increases the performance of the fisherman This is just the beginning for the pioneering project that aims to provide kayaking benefits to “Return Home Safely”. For more assistance and insight into the product, please visit

About Watercraft Technologies

The award-winning company is the manufacturer of “The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit” that has received a good response from critics  since its release in 2013. The considerable sales are due to efficiency and accelerated performance has persuaded many to take up the sport. Now even senior adults are able to enjoy the activity with the incredible features and superior design of the kit. For James Burke of the Watercraft Technologies this is just the beginning of a journey that inspires him and motivates the company to takekayaking to greater heights. To learn all about the latest offerings and upcoming projects, please visit  


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