Illinois man plays music for strangers, talks about building Wild Horse Sanctuary

Josh Foster of Grafton, Illinois, who helped in the building of the new Wild Horse Sanctuary was offering to sing songs for those who were having family birthday parties and who were just spending time in Lander City Park on Sunday.

​Having been a musician for 12 years, Josh says, "I sing songs for everyone who are willing to listen. My goal is to meet new people and just share my music."
When asked what his plans are for his music, Josh said: "I've played music for money all over the country, but I also love doing it for fun. Right now I am working on saving up money to get equipment and continue to make a career of it."
When asked more about the Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary, Josh told us the structure was made with wood directly from the property.
​"The Wild Horse Sanctuary is all about the Native American culture and heritage," Josh said. "And it felt really good to be a part of something that wasn't just an average job, it was avery big deal."
For now, Josh has his mind set on pursuing his music, or, whatever may come along next.