ICL Offers Flexible and Secure Business and Commercial Storage

Integrated Container Logistics (ICL), a well-established shipping container provider in Perth, offers business and commercial storage for companies. Clients can now reduce their holding costs with ICL’s cheap and flexible alternative to warehousing.

[PERTH, June 17, 2014] –Integrated Container Logistics (ICL), one of the most popular transport businesses in Perth, offers flexible, secure, as well as cost-effective business and commercial storage for a range of companies. Business owners who want a practical and cheap alternative to warehousing can fulfil their storage needs throughout the business cycle with ICL’s top-notch storage services.

Containers Reduce Holding Costs

ICL understands that holding costs are a major part of supply chain management. ICL’s business and commercial storage enables business owners to manage their stocks efficiently and successfully, which ultimately reduces stock holding costs. Clients also have the opportunity to lock into a lease for only months or years, depending on their needs—this ensures huge amounts of savings for clients.

The storage provider’s shipping containers are also flexible alternatives to warehousing, as they are collapsible, stackable, and easy to store, allowing clients to maximize storage space. Clients can also use the shipping containers for many purposes—including renovations, relocations, excess stock during peak retail times, storage for tax documents, receipts and other excess paper work, as well as to store tools and other business equipment, to clear office clutter, and to reduce OH&S risks and staff hazards.

Extensive Range of Shipping Containers

ICL offers one of the largest ranges of shipping containers, from second-hand to new ones, and from smaller ones to the bigger ones. The containers come in different sizes, with the most common being 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft containers.

While machinery, car parts and the like are fine to store in a used shipping containers, furniture and archive storage requires top quality grade for safe storage—ICL can provide both. They have different grades of shipping containers to suit the needs of their clients.

About Integrated Container Logistics

Integrated Container Logistics (ICL) is one of the most highly regarded shipping container providers in Perth. They offer a comprehensive list of services, as well as shipping container grades. Established in 2002 as a container transport business, the company has expanded its operations with full and empty shipping container transport, container hire and sales, container removals, personal storage, business storage, and container modifications.

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