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New and Improved Soil-less Planting Mix and Fertilizer

Tustin, CA – 25-06-2014 - ZeroSoil Gardens announces the release of a new organic soil-less planting mix to be included with their Mini Indoor Garden. The new mix is designed with greater water retention in mind and an improved nutrient mix to provide mini gardeners an even better and faster growing experience.

The new blend consists of improved ratios of several types of neutral, organic materials including coco fiber and perlite. The improved water retention from this new blend allows for better nutrient dispersion and absorption leading to quicker growing, healthier plants with an added benefit of decreased top evaporation resulting in longer intervals between refills.

The new fertilizer mix used in the Mini Indoor Garden contains a carefully crafted organic blend of several different types of meal, bat guano, worm castings, and other proven natural fertilizers. According to a recent Amazon review "the soil that comes with it made my seeds sprout VERY fast!"

"We were very happy with our previous planting mix," says David Ling, Director of Marketing for ZeroSoil Gardens. "But we're always trying to improve our customer experience and will continue searching for ways to keep making things better. We want the Mini Indoor Garden to be the best self watering planter on the market."

About ZeroSoil Gardens

ZeroSoil Gardens was founded in 2013 with the goal of bringing freshness to every household. By combining an organic, soil-less planting medium with hydroponic and self-watering planter techniques, ZeroSoil Gardens gives indoor gardeners the perfect planter for all indoor growing needs.

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