Public Lands Initiative

FCPLI - Fremont County Public Lands Initiative, Committee.

    In February, 2016 Fremont County voted to participate in the WPLI and have since started to develop the process to create the recommendations. The committee is tasked with the job of visiting the various WSAs, gathering historical, current, and potential use information, analyzing it, and presenting a recommendation to the Commissioners for action. This is expected to be a 2 year process with a state-wide recommendation to Congress in 2018.

The Committee's meetings and site visit's are open to the public and all relevant information will be available for public review.

Members: Reg Phillips-Ag, Julia Stuble-Conservation, Nick Dobric-Sportsmen, Rick Mickleson-Energy, Josh Milek-Motorized Recreation, Andy Blair-Non-motorized Recreation, Ginger Bennett and Gary Horton-Public, and Travis Becker-Commission. Doug Thompson chairs the committee.

We now have a Website, that will be your go to source for information and input. We cannot do this without active support and input from all of you! At the website, you will find meeting dates, comment forms, contact information, meeting minutes and any relevant documents/links.

I hope to see you at our next meeting on Monday, August 15th @ 6pm.

Josh Milek