TART Restaurant and Coolhaus Ice Cream are Mint for Each Other

TART Gets Fresh with Frozen Treats and Tantalizing Ice Cream Cocktail, Coolhaus Dirty Mint Chip Julep

LOS ANGELES – July 17, 2015 – TART -- the unique, onsite restaurant nestled inside the iconic Farmer’s Daughter Hotel that serves comfort food with a twist -- is celebrating summertime by collaborating with the architecturally-inspired and beloved, LA-based gourmet ice cream company, Coolhaus.

To kick off the cool-down, TART’s executive chef, Keith Shutta, has dreamed up a refreshingly naughty but n-ice cream cocktail, called the Coolhaus Dirty Mint Chip Julep ($13). Coolhaus’ fresh mint infused ice cream, chocolate chips and a hint of brown sugar make a sweet partner for the wickedly good blend of Four Roses Bourbon and Crème de Menthe, that make up this perfect treat to beat the summer heat.

TART’s summer dessert menu has two other delicious new recruits: Coolhaus’ Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich ($8) and the Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwich ($8).

“Adding Coolhaus to the menu and creating a cocktail with its all-natural ice cream is something no one else has done before and we know our guests love those unique experiences,” said Keith Shutta, TART’s executive chef. “Partnering with a local and loved business that also uses locally farmed and sourced goods is the perfect match for TART,” added Shutta.

“This partnership is a meeting of the minds, and taste buds. Coolhaus and TART both blend unusual flavors that develop into famous favorites, and I know that the Coolhaus Dirty Mint Chip Julep will become another local celebrity,” added Natasha Case, CEO and co-founder of Coolhaus.

Coolhaus’ ice cream sandwiches and the Coolhaus Dirty Mint Chip Julep are available at TART now, for a limited time. TART is located at 115 S. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036. For reservations, call (323) 556-2608 or visit:



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About TART Restaurant:

Nestled inside the iconic Farmer’s Daughter hotel in the historic Fairfax District in L.A., TART restaurant provides down-home hospitality and comfort food with a twist, drawing influences from Southern cuisine, British pub fare, and Los Angeles’s diverse melting pot. Its all-day menu consists of approachable, shareable snacks and entrées ranging from inventive, unforgettable meals. Curated artwork and homey décor snuggle up in a sleek but cozy aesthetic true to the restaurant’s backstory as a farmer’s daughter all grown up in the big city. The restaurant seats 39 inside and 27 outside patio setting that is a part of the Farmer’s Daughter hotel courtyard where guests and diners mingle under the stars.


About Coolhaus:

Coolhaus is a gourmet, all-natural, super premium and very unique ice cream company featuring sustainably and locally sourced ingredients. Founded in 2009 at the Coachella Valley Music Festival by Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, Coolhaus has tremendously grown from its beat-up postal van turned food truck into a national fleet of 10 trucks and carts, two brick and mortars. Its products can now be found in over 4,000 retailers nationwide including Whole Foods, Kroger, and Safeway. Known for its innovative sweet-meets-savory flavors and elevated classics, Coolhaus has drawn accolades from The New York Times, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Time, and Good Morning America, to name a few.