Enjoy Building a Beach with Runescape Cheap Gold for Sale

The RS official has announced that there will be lots of beach goodies in Treasure Hunter with the intention to get you ready for the release of the Beach next week. And it will only be valid until Monday’s update. So you had better hurry up to make the most of the beach build up.

Mystery Boxes and New Parasols

Mystery boxes are back, and this time they’re packed with parasols, cocktail shakers and other Beach-related goodies.

Deliver 20 buckets of sand to Reyna in Lumbridge Crater each day to be rewarded with a normal-sized mystery box. Do this every day, and you’ll be rewarded with an additional large mystery box, which are also available from Treasure Hunter.

The new parasols can be won from Treasure Hunter and also obtained from large mystery boxes. Individual parasols are tradeable and can be exchanged on the GE, so make sure you get trading to collect them all!

Once you have collected one of each type of parasol, you can combine them all to create a non-tradeable black parasol. The new parasol can be recoloured via a right click option to take on the appearance of any of the individual parasols, as well as the new black parasol colour.

Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail shakers are now also available on Treasure Hunter! And these stackable items can be used to gain XP in Herblore and Cooking.

Now you can enjoy yourself in collecting the parasols and have fun getting into the holiday spirit. By the way, RSorder can help you with cheap and fast RS gold to help you advance through the game.