Creative Movement by MOVELAB Classes start 13 Sept 2015

Creative Movement dance classes start again this September 13 at DUCTAC with MOVELAB Dance Centre. Registrations are open for children and adults. 

MOVELAB Dance Centre

Founded in October 2013 - 'Move to think and think to Move'. MOVELAB is a unique Dance Centre in Dubai, located in Ductac Mall of The Emirates, which encourages toddlers, kids and adults of all skill levels to invent dance –rather than to copy steps.

MOVELAB’ offers Creative Movement courses to people of all ages and of all skill levels; designs Educational Dance programs for the curriculum of schools; coaches Performance & Choreography workshops and projects for professional dancers or professionals in any other fields; and stages Dance Performances for different audiences. 

MOVELAB is a movement laboratory for creative dance experiments!

Creative Movement by MOVELAB

Creative Movement is a dance class that enables students of all ages to trust their bodies and ideas in order to invent own ways of dancing. It is about discovering dance instead of only copying steps. Participants are encouraged to investigate 3 fundamental dance concepts: body, space and time. All activities and exercises stimulate creative problem thinking at the same that they improve movement technique (coordination, alignment, balance, strength, flexibility and posture). Students activate both sides of the brain and their whole body, whilst having fun!

Whether a kid or an adult, a complete beginner or a professional performer... Creative Movement offers everyone the opportunity to strengthen own movement possibilities, learning strategies, confidence, self-discipline, cooperative behavior, and positive emotions. MOVELAB fosters a non-competitive, individual, cooperative and enjoyable environment of physical challenge. What is achieved in the Creative Movement courses by MOVELAB can be directly applied to the student's school, work, arts, sports and daily life. 'Inspiring brainy-bodywork'. 

Monica Antezana, founder and director of MOVELAB, says:  “I firmly believe that creativity is at the centre of human intelligence. I’ve seen time and again through my education and experience in the field of movement that it is possible to develop your creativity via your own movement. Hence, develop your intelligence via your own dance. And it is 100% worth it! I have created MOVELAB based on this principle. I look forward to sharing my passion for creative movement with you.”


New term starts 13 Sept 2015.

Kids 3,5 to 5 years old: Mondays 3:10-3:55 pm at Ductac, Mall of The Emirates.   

Kids 5,5 to 7,5 years old: Tuesdays 4:15-5:00 at Ductac, Mall of The Emirates.  

Adults  from 17 years old onwards: Day and time TBC at Ductac, Mall of The Emirates.  

Other courses and workshops on request.


Kid’s Creative Movement: packages of 10 classes of 45 minutes, cost 900 AED.

Adult’s Creative Movement: packages of 3 classes of 120 minutes, cost 540 AED.

Registration & Information 

Tel +971 56 690 9255

About Monica Antezana 

Founder and director of MOVELAB, Monica Antezana is a Contemporary Dance Professional who obtained a MA in Science of Education (Universidad Mayor de San Simón, Bolivia), a BA in Dance and Choreography (Rotterdam Dance Academy, The Netherlands) and a MA in Performances Studies (Hamburg University, Germany). She works as a freelance choreographer, performer and movement educator.  She danced since childhood choreographed since her teenage years and has been teaching Educational Dance for more than 20 years. Since 2006 Monica produced, choreographed and performed in Hamburg and toured in Germany five solos, one group piece and one duet. During 2007 she was Resident Choreographer at K3 Centre for Choreography Hamburg. She was invited with her solo ‘babel fish moves’ for the German Dance Platform 2010. In 2013 Monica founded MOVELAB Dance Centre with base in Dubai.  She performed her solo ‘I laban you!’ at The Fridge for Quoz Happens 2013. 


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