India Cosmetic Surgery Market Anlaysis & 2016 Forecasts

India is viewed as one of the most progressive countries for cosmetic surgical procedures and this trend is expected to continue in the near future. This is mainly due to the fact that cosmetic surgery has evolved beyond the traditional concept of being a risky or impractical procedure that was demanded by women who were overly conscious about their appearance. Today, people in India understand that cosmetic surgery is a highly specialized and advanced niche of plastic surgery that helps people attain happiness with fewer risks and greater affordability.

In the past, cosmetic surgeries in India were associated with celebrities and people of the affluent class. However, today, these surgeries are increasingly becoming popular and are being undertaken by the middle class. Increasingly, both men and women from the upper middle class group are opting for cosmetic procedures to look attractive in order to get lucrative jobs, best possible marriage partners and primarily get rid of any deformity that they feel impacts their self confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, traditionally, men and women in their late 20s and early 30s were the key clients of cosmetic surgeons. However, a new trend has emerged where teenagers are approaching cosmetic/ aesthetic surgeons to get some cosmetic procedure done.

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The changing lifestyle and urbanization, growing awareness of cosmetic surgery procedures, availability of better infrastructure and the rising economic capacity are all driving the cosmetic surgeries market in India.

Research report "India Cosmetic Surgery Market Outlook 2016" gives comprehensive overview on the following aspects related to Cosmetic surgery segment in India.

·         Cosmetic surgery Market Potential

·         Treatment Cost

·         Patient Profile & Preferred Cosmetic Procedure

·         Ker Surgical & Nonsurgical Procedure

·         Factors Driving the Market

·         Growth Opportunities

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Table of Contents

1. Cosmetic Surgery Procedures
1.1 Surgical Procedures
1.2 Non-Surgical Procedures

2. India Cosmetic Surgery Market Overview
2.1 Market Potential
2.2 Treatment Cost
2.3 Patient Profile

3. Key Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Performed in India

4. Key Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Performed in India

5. Factors Driving the Cosmetic Surgery Market
5.1 Changing Lifestyle & Urbanization
5.2 Growing Awareness
5.3 Availability of Better Infrastructure
5.4 Rising Economic Capacity

6. Future Growth Opportunities
6.1 Medical Tourism
6.2 Male Cosmetic Surgery Segment
6.3 Opportunities in Tier II Cities
6.4 Demand for Medical Equipment
6.5 Speciality Clinics

7. Competitive Landscape
7.1 Kaya Clinic
7.2 Blush Cosmetic Clinic
7.3 Max Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery
7.4 Fortis Hospital

List of Figures

Figure 2-1: Cosmetics Surgery Market (INR Crore/US$ Million), 2012-2016
Figure 2-2: Top 10 Potential Cosmetic Surgery Market (Indian Cities)
Figure 2-3: Female to Male Ratio for Cosmetic Surgery, 2012 & 2016
Figure 2-4: Average Cost for Selected Cosmetic Surgery (US$)
Figure 2-5: Female Preference for Cosmetic Surgery by Age Group
Figure 2-6: Male Preference for Cosmetic Surgery by Age Group
Figure 2-7: Female Preference for Cosmetic Surgery by Profession
Figure 2-8: Male Preferring Gynecomastia Surgery
Figure 2-9: Female Preference for Botox Procedure by Key Cities
Figure 2-10: Male Preference for Botox Procedure by Key Cities
Figure 2-11: Age Profile of Individuals Opting for Cosmetic Surgery
Figure 3-1: Top 10 Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Performed during 2012
Figure 3-2: Number of Breast Augmentation Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 3-3: Number of Breast Lift Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 3-4: Number of Breast Reduction (Women) Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 3-5: Number of Liposuction Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 3-6: Number of Rhinoplasty Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 3-7: Number of Blepharoplasty Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 3-8: Number of Abdominoplasty Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 3-9: Number of Facelift Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 3-10: Number of Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction) Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 3-11: Number of Hair Transplantation Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 3-12: Number of Lip Augmentation Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 4-1: Top 10 Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Performed during 2012
Figure 4-2: Number of Individual Opting for Botox Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 4-3: Number of Individual Opting for Hyaluronic Acid Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 4-4: Number of Laser Hair Removal Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 4-5: Number of IPL Laser Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 4-6: Number of Autologous Fat Transfer Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 4-7: Number of Noninvasive Tightening Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 4-8: Number of Chemical Peel Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 4-9: Number of Microdermabrasion Procedure, 2012-2016
Figure 6-1: Medical Tourist Arrival in India (Million), 2012-2016
Figure 6-2: Cosmetic Equipment Market Potential (INR Crore/US$ Million)
Figure 6-3: Demand for Cosmetic Surgery Clinics by Region