Auschwitz Trip Highlights Importance Of Companies Such As Equity School Travel Service

A recent school trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp, undertaken by pupils from several secondary schools across South West England, was a glowing endorsement of the importance companies such as Equity School Travel service can have in the life experience of young schoolchildren.


The tour in question was devised and organised as part of a programme that aims to bring the lessons of the Holocaust alive for the present generation of children, and saw nearly two hundred pupils travel to Poland to roam the grounds of perhaps the most famous of all concentration camps. The students’ reverent and visibly emotional attitude as they visited the place where over 1.2 million Jews were killed during the Second World War highlighted why this type of trip, and companies such like Equity School Travel service are essential to the cultural development of school-age youngsters.


On the course of this trip, the pupils visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and had the opportunity to walk along the railroad tracks through which prisoners arrived at the camp and bear witness to the piles of discarded objects belonging to inmates on display in certain rooms of the museum.


A series of talks and readings from Holocaust survivors was also included in the programme for the one-day trip, which concluded with a memorial service in honour of the victims, led by a rabbi. In the course of this ceremony, each student had the chance to light a candle in memory of the deceased.


Feedback for this trip among participating students was overwhelmingly positive, with the experience described as affecting and touching by several of the pupils interviewed. Its contribution for the cultural enrichment of these youngsters is a strong argument in favour of the work carried out by companies such as Equity School Travel service, and the educational trust that organised this particular outing.


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