Mainly parts of the needle detector from famous Chine manufacturer Hengxin Machinery

China - Today, the engineer from famous China needle detector manufacturer and supplier Hengxin Machinery will introduce with people the main part of this needle detector. In general, the typically detector could be mainly divided into four parts which are detecting head, controlling board, transmission system and automatically removing system.

The detecting head is also known as the detection coil or built-in balanced coil. This device could be mainly consisted by three coils which are wound on non-metallic frame or forming device. Each coil¡¯s position relationship is completely parallel. The middle coil which is also known as the transmitting coil will generate magnetic field by high-frequency current. The both sides of the middle coil should be the receiving coil. Since these two coils are identical and the same and the transmitter remain the same pitch, the induced electromotive force between these two receiving coils should be the same. When these coils are connected in reverse, the electromotive force will be cancelled by each other to form the zero outputting which will help to reach equilibrium. In the detecting process, the products such as the clothes or foods will be transmitted through the coil. If these products contain metallic foreign body, the balance of the magnetic field will be broken and the induced current will be generated. That is why this machine could detect the metallic foreign body in the products.

The second mainly part of the mining metal detector should be the controlling Panel which is also known as the user interface or controlling panel. The commonly type of this part should be the touch-screen type and push-button type. This controlling panel will be general mounted on the detecting head. However, if the detecting head is too small, it can be contact to the cable for remote installation. In another words, the position of this part is not strictly which will let the operation process of this machine become very convenient.

The third crucial part of this machine is the transmission system which could be used for outputting the detected products. The most commonly used type of this part should be the horizontal conveyor. However, for different product applications, there is also another type of transmission systems such as gravity falling type which could be suitable for powder and particles transfer, the horizontal pipeline type which is very commonly for liquid and fluid and the commonly used plastic guides in pharmaceutical industry.

The last part which is also the main part of the last working process of this machine should be the automatically removing system. By the help of this system which has been usually mounted on the transmission system, the operator could remove the unreasonable products. There are many different types of this part including inflatable type, pushing type, turning plate and so on . The choice for the type of removing system will depend on the type of product which will be detected.

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