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Are you looking to recruit a Java Developer?

At once creative professionals and talented engineers, java developers are vital players in their employers' core businesses. It's no surprise that landing top Java talent can require a complex recruitment process.

The following recruiter tips will help you hire the java developers and IT skills you need.

Key Java Developer Certifications and Degrees: 

•    A computer science degree is desirable but often not required of Java developers

•    Pertinent certifications include: Certified Professional Java EE Web Component Developer, Certified Professional Java EE Business Component Developer, Certified Professional Java ME Mobile Application Developer, Certified Master Java SE Developer.

Essential Java Developer Skills:

•    Fluent coding in JavaScript and related technologies such as Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, Java Beans and Java Server Pages, as well as HTML, CSS and databases

•    Meeting the specific challenges of coding in Java, such as developing distributed applications that are both efficient and error-free

•    Recruiter tip
“If you are looking to develop a project on Grails, then it’s better to have an adequate developer who already has hands-on experience on Grails rather than having a rock-star Java developer who will work on Grails for the first time,” says the Cygnet Infotech blog.

Key Java Developer Experience:

•    Creating Java applications to meet project specifications

•    Coordinating design, development, testing, debugging and implementation of Java projects

•    Broad web and database development and software integration experience is desirable

•    Recruiter tip:
"We ask if there’s a consulting piece to the job, and whether they'll need to work with financial analysts,” says Jon-Ray Rivera, vice president of client delivery for recruitment process outsourcing at ManpowerGroup in Milwaukee. “Is it heads-down coding, or should the candidate be accustomed to talking to people throughout the business?"
“You want someone with the core competencies, not necessarily all the cutting edge technologies," says Cadenhead. "Someone who's good at the language and doesn't want to reinvent the wheel, but rather use all the open-source Java that's out there."

Closing the Deal with Java Developers:

•    Devoted Java programmers will relish opportunities to work on novel projects with cutting-edge technologies

•    Developers may not have traditional career ambitions of moving up in the organization; recruiters are wise to elicit and respond to candidates' individual goals. 

Recruiter tip:
"We meet with recent hires and ask, ‘How could we find you again? What is it that attracted you to the recruiter who connected you with job?' " says Rivera.

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