Rock Shoe Lineup Crushes Everything But Pull Ups on the Hangboard

Boulder, sport, big wall. Smear, crimp, send. Whatever your style, we've got you covered.

Meticulously designed by storied climber and legendary shoe designer Heinz Mariacher, SCARPA's rock shoes are built with the end-user in mind, and there's a shoe for every end-user. SCARPA's state-of-the-art technology, including new Active Randing methods, keep true to SCARPA's goal to produce shoes perfect for their function. And this summer, they did just that.

  • Vapor V - Versatile fit and comfort meet high performance in this all-around shoe.
  • Furia - Maximum sensitivity, performance and stickiness - a sticky rubber glove for your feet, and a boost for special projects. 
  • Booster S - Versatile high performance meets ultimate sensitivity for high-end sport climbing and plastic. 
  • Techno X - All day comfort for smearing, edging and cracks, but don't let the flat last fool you - this is a high-performing machine.  

Vapor V - Precise, versatile rock shoes for any kind of steep terrain indoors or out, the new Vapor V is a full redesign of the concept that made the original Vapor V a perennial best-seller in the SCARPA line. The Vapor V's slightly downturned shape balances high-level climbing performance with a more comfortable fit. That's because its Bi-Tension Active Rand effectively transfers power to the front of the shoe without simply jamming toes forward. A new split-sole design allows for more flexibility, and the redesigned heel pocket is more comfortable. It's also lighter than its predecessor. Details include dual power strap for performance, a stretch gusseted air-mesh tongue for comfort, and 4mm Vibram XS Edge rubber. $159

Furia - Winner of the 2015 Climbing Magazine Editors Choice Award, the Furia is an incredibly light, soft bouldering and sport shoe. The Furia facilitates maximum sensitivity through removing the midsole, encapsulating the foot with sticky rubber and a glove-like fit. And even though it's the softest, most minimal rock shoe in the SCARPA's collection (195 grams), it still has incredible climbing performance thanks to its patent-pending Power Connection Band, an actively tensioned underfoot rand that transfers power from the heel to the toe. The Furia uses 3mm thick T45 rubber, a sticky rubber compound that has outstanding strength, elasticity and friction. $179 

Booster S – The most sensitive shoe in the SCARPA rock collection, the Booster S employs a one-third-length Vibram sole to create an ultra-flexible midsole that allows more natural movement and flow for moving quickly through steep or technical routes. SCARPA’s new Tri-Tension Active Randing was designed to concentrate power through an asymmetrical support ribbon that drives energy to the forefoot. On the upper, synthetic microfiber is comfortable and lightweight. The sole employs sticky 3.5 mm Vibram XS Grip2 rubber. A dual power strap closure and rubber toe patch complete the details. $179

Techno X - From face climbing on dime edges to splitter cracks and smearing on slabs, the Techno X is a supportive but performance-driven all-day rock shoe. This flat-lasted shoe employs SCARPA’s Bi-Tension Active Rands, which direct power to the front of the shoe without sacrificing all-day comfort. Upper construction combines suede with key areas of Microsuede synthetic leather, which conforms to your foot but won’t stretch out over time. Details include toe rands that offer excellent coverage and protection, as well as Vibram® XS Edge rubber, which excels for climbing on thin edges and cracks. If you’re looking for a very technical, performance-driven shoe that’s also flat-lasted and comfortable, the Techno X is it. $155 

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