Monitoring Temperature and Humidity in Business Applications

In many industries, the importance of monitoring and maintaining temperatures and humidity levels are of the utmost importance. Imagine what would happen to a refrigerated truck full of milk and dairy products if the temperature went above the limit while in transit. A temperature data logger is the most convenient and efficient way to handle this and other similar situations. Anytime temperature or humidity levels need to be monitored, a data logger should be utilized.

Purpose of Data Loggers

A data logger can be either a general purpose device that can measure an array of variables, or it can be very focused and meant for use in only one application or ­environment, such as measuring the temperature of food during transportation.

Extreme Temperature Applications

There are a number of high temperature applications where a temperature data logger is essential. In many of these instances, situations can become critical or dangerous if the temperature is not properly controlled. Installing data loggers that monitor temperature and other measurable criteria can help prevent accidents or breakdowns and can help analysts determine if any temperature or humidity related problems occurred during production or storage.

Below are some applications where close monitoring of temperature is absolutely essential:

  • Storage – refrigeration, cooler and freezer monitoring
  • Meat Processing – cooking meats, monitoring ovens and smokehouses
  • Dishwashers and dryers where sanitation is important
  • Nut roasting where specific temperatures must be consistent
  • Canning – specific internal temperatures are required to meet health and safety regulations
  • Conveyor and cooking cycles
  • Incubator monitoring
  • Blood plasma handling and storage
  • Vaccines and laboratory monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical testing and processing
  • Shipping containers

Critical Humidity Applications

Data loggers are also ideal for monitoring humidity, which in many businesses, is a critical component. A temperature data logger often comes with this capability and can provide readings for both parameters simultaneously.  Using the affiliated data logger software, users can acquire data for temperature, relative humidity, water vapor concentration, dew point and more. Some of the applications humidity data loggers can be used for include:

  • Monitoring shipments
  • Warehouses and Storage areas
  • Greenhouses
  • Laboratories

When the success or failure of a business depends on humidity and temperature levels, it is crucial to have the 24-hour monitoring capability of a data logger. After it has been activated, the devices can be left in place for the duration of the monitoring period.
Once retrieved, data can be downloaded and the user will have a clear and accurate picture of the environmental performance of the given application. Wireless data loggers take this a step further and transmit the data in real time to a central PC. This gives the user the opportunity to catch a problem as it occurs or before it is too late.


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