Albuerqueque Personal Training Gym Upward Motion Personal Training Offers Program to Albuquerque Athletes June 2015

Albuquerque athletes now have a new advocate in Upward Motion Personal Training, located at 336 Adams St. SE, Albuquerque, NM, because it is now offering dedicated personal training programs to all athletes. This programs includes football players, basketball players, tennis players, golfers, track and field athletes and soccer players, just to name a few. For athletes that have a strong desire to take their game to the next level, whatever level that may be, this means now there will be a way to achieve each and every goal.

All Upward Motion Personal Training’s athletic training programs revolve around current research and customized programs tailored to each athlete’s individual needs. The first is step is completed by gathering a complete review of the athletes’ past medical history, current nutritional status, current workout regimen, and the person’s top three goals. The company gathers and analyze this information even before the first appointment.

Based on the athlete’s individual needs and wants, the company conducts the necessary tests to help determine the exercise and nutrition plan that is best for suited each person. These tests may include a posture evaluation to determine potential injury, speed, strength, and/or agility based on each athlete’s sport.

The company’s athletic training programs are 1/2 an hour long, which provides more workouts throughout the week, at half the cost.

Athletes can be certain that its athletic performance will increase with the help of Upward Motion Personal Training

About Upward Motion Personal Training:

We are passionately committed to INSPIRE you to health, fitness, and happiness. Achieving your best so you can be your best!
We are so confident that you will INSPIRE your life by dramatically lowering your body fat, improve your muscle tone, increase your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular stamina, develop better posture, balance and flexibility and get in the best shape of your life within one year or less. If not, your next 12 months of Group Training with us will be FREE!


Upward Motion Personal Training
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