What does a Chiropractor Do

When making a visit to the chiropractor, it is almost the same as visiting any other type of healthcare provider. However, there are some unique elements that go into your visit with the chiropractor. More than likely, you will find the overall office setting and intake procedures used similar to that of other medical providers. However, you might notice that the chiropractic table has a distinct appearance that is far different than other providers. The table at the chiropractor is quite elaborate. It allows for a specific type of movement and position during the adjustments, so as to aid in chiropractic treatment.

A visit to the chiropractor often includes a physical exam, intake, treatment and a plan for follow-up. During the initial consultation, you will be asked the same type of questions that you would at a regular medical visit. You are going to complete a health questionnaire and answer a series of questions relating to your overall health. Generally, the chiropractor will ask you where it is that you are feeling pain by marking off the areas on a human body drawing.

At the physical exam, the chiropractor will begin with a routine exam and follow it with an examination focusing on the spine. The chiropractic exam will pay special attention to those areas where you are having the most pain. If you complained of lower back pain, the chiropractor will perform a neck exam to see if there is an injury in one area causing irritation in another. The main goal of your visit to the chiropractor is to determine the cause of your pain and work out a plan for treating the condition and relieving the pain.